Gallery Highlights | 6.15.2012

Welcome to Gallery Highlights for this week! We have some colorful and fun layouts for you to enjoy, including some simply elegant pages, a lot of multi-photo layouts and then we end with a gorgeous water view. So let’s go take a look! You can click on the links to visit the layouts in their galleries and view supply lists, leave a comment for the designer, or view the designer’s other work.

Hello, State Fair by cornellgj

The layering in this first layout is fantastic! Jill used patterned text paper, bingo cards, polka-dot paper, florals, stripes and more to create this beautiful background for her photo collage. And even with all of those layers and different patterns, her photos are clearly the focus and pop off the page. Her themed embellishments finish it off perfectly.

UK Swap Book, pg. 12 by Katie Pertiet

I love how Katie’s neutral background allows her photo collage to shine. Her accents are small and placed perfectly to create movement throughout the layout. But there’s more to this beautiful layout than just that – this is just one page of a very cool album. Katie and her friend, Melanie, have daughters who are very close in age and each daughter was able to go visit the other for a while last year. And here’s the best part – Katie lives on the east coast of the U.S. and Melanie lives in England and they are making a swap book of the girls’ visits. The book will be all digital and when you read it from one direction, it will be the USA side of the visit. And then you flip it over and it will be the UK side of the visit. How cool is that?

 These are the moments I live for by jc.chris

Jessy’s layout caught my eye right away! The pink background and the gorgeous title drew me in but then I noticed so many other details – I love the way she combines pastels with bold colors and patterns. I would never have thought to put all of these colors together but she has balanced it perfectly with similar colors on both sides of the page. Her layering and attention to detail is fantastic and she’s really made a clean and simple layout out of a shabby chic style. Great combinations!

Guilty Pleasures by Michele H. (zosa13)

We can all identify with Michele’s layout. Who doesn’t have a few guilty pleasures? But the best part of this layout is the design. Michele layered kraft paper over a neutral patterned paper to give her photos a home. By placing her title between some of the photos, she creates a more interesting design than just a photo collage. Her simple embellishments add balance to the layout. This is a great example of how simple doesn’t have to be plain.

You @ 7 by Allison Waken

I certainly don’t know this child but his smile melted my heart! And this design does, too. Allison used a lot of layers to ground this adorable photo and then accented her journaling with clothing tags, stitching, and arrows. The end result is beautiful – just like that smile.

 Therapy by Myra

Now it’s time to take a deep breath and relax, because this last layout will make you feel like you’re on vacation. From the banner waving gently in the breeze to the blue sky and the waves fanning out behind you, Myra makes you feel as if you were right there beside her on this beautiful day. I don’t think there’s any reason to question why she titled this layout “therapy.” This is summer perfection.


And there you have them – our gallery highlights for the week! I only wish we had time and space to feature more of the amazing designs out there.  Thanks so much to all of the designers who shared their work with us this week. What were your favorite gallery layouts this week? Feel free to link us to them in the comments and let us know what you think and which are your favorites this week!

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  1. MichelleGB June 16, 2012 at 6:53 am #

    Love these layouts!

  2. Gab June 18, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    Beautiful LOs!

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