Archive | June 13, 2012

Paperclipping Roundtable #118: Not A Themey Person

Tami Morrison joined the panel this week for a discussion of one of the best parts of summer: vacation scrapbooking!

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Five Lessons from the Book Industry

As I was deciding what to write about this week, I came upon an article from The Nation called The Amazon Effect. In it, Steve Wasserman explains the many ways that Amazon has successfully challenged and remade the book industry–from distribution to publishing to the very way we read books. Though the book industry and scrapbook industry have some pretty big differences, several lessons from the article are useful to scrapbook businesses.

1. Nearly one in four people on the planet are online and the Internet resists the limits of geography.

Every offline business needs some online presence. Start with an up to date, easy to navigate website. Your website should include your hours, contact information, a visual of what your store offers at a minimum. Make it easy for visitors to sign-up for your electronic newsletter (this is not optional). Make this information easy to find.

2. Bookselling in the United States had always been less of a business than a calling.

Is your business a business, a calling, or a little bit of both? I think many people enter the industry as a calling rather than a business. If it’s a calling, you need to start treating it like a business if you want to remain in your calling. Continue Reading →