Archive | February 28, 2012

Pinterest Inspiration | Designing on a Grid

[Editor’s Note: This article is the first in a new bi-weekly series from our new Contributing Writer Steph Vetne showcasing ideas and products on Pinterest that have inspired her creatively. We hope that you’ll find some inspiration from these ideas, too! — Nancy]

Like so many others, I am enamored with the wildly-popular Pinterest website. In case you haven’t ventured over there yet, Pinterest is a virtual pinboard – allowing users to “pin” images from other websites and collect them on virtual inspiration boards. It’s like having visual bookmarks you can share with everyone you know. You can also browse other people’s pins and “repin” them on your boards. It’s a limitless source of ideas and shared inspiration.

I often find scrapbooking and design inspiration from non-scrapbooking sources. There are patterns and designs everywhere you look – signs, paintings, color combinations, clothes, and on and on. Pinterest allows me to collect all those ideas in one place.

When I was trying to narrow down the many images I’ve pinned recently, I came across this photo and instantly knew that I wanted to play with this design idea.

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