Paperclipping Roundtable #102: I Say Awesome, And You Say Cute

This week Stacy Julian and Amy Tan joined the Roundtable for a very enlightening discussion of what goes into our creative process for different types of projects!

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The Paperclipping Roundtable 102 – I Say Awesome and You Say Cute by Paperclipping Roundtable

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2 Responses to Paperclipping Roundtable #102: I Say Awesome, And You Say Cute

  1. *Queen* Britt February 18, 2012 at 4:10 pm #

    I actually just posted on my blog a few pictures that show my ‘process’. I have LOTS of product. Most people get drowned in that, but I actually really like to have mountains of choices – because that is PART of my process. Of course, I start with my pictures and decide what I’m trying to say, which determines the color/theme/feel of the page. I decide on paper or cardstock (usually about four coordinating ones that I MIGHT use) then I walk around and pull out embellishments I think I MIGHT want to use (and/or just seems like it matches theme/color). I pull out more than I will use and I KNOW that I’m doing that. This way, when I sit down (sometimes with a sketch and sometimes not) and start my page I am not spending my time walking around my scraproom on a treasure hunt while I really want to be sitting and creating. This method also helps me get more pages done. For example, I will be almost finished with that first page and notice that I didn’t use the one embellishment I really thought I wouldn’t leave out, and then my brain will go *ping* and I’ll think of another picture that I want to use it with – which sets me off on a whole other page. It’s like, chain-reaction scrapbooking, lol. Then, when I think to myself, “wow, everything I’ve made lately is blue and yellow” I’ll clean everything back up to the bare table and start over. Thanks for the discussion!

  2. Vicki February 23, 2012 at 8:31 pm #

    My first thought while listening this week was how awesome it would be to have Stacey talking about her 12 process and Karen Grunburg talking about her Book of Stories! They seem similar from what Stacey was talking about but each had their own method of capturing the story.

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