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Staff Blog Hop | Our CHA Favorites

Scrapbook Update’s CHA Hot Picks list full of what we think will be the blockbuster releases from CHA will be coming in the next day or two after much deliberation, but in the meantime, we are bringing you a blog hop of our staff’s personal favorites from the things that they saw in Anaheim.

First up, you can find my highlights in My CHA Winter 2012 Favorites on my website The Nally Notes. How does this differ from the Hot Picks list that I’ll be posting soon? The Hot Picks list is intended to be a predictor of what the market in general is going to love, and what I heard buzz and excitement about at the show. My favorites list is simply an expression of my own taste – my personal wishlist of what I know that I want to play with that was on display at that show.

May and Melissa had an even harder time than I did narrowing down what they liked. They needed entire categories on their sites to show off what they thought about what they saw! You can find their pieces by browsing through the articles in the categories on their website:


My CHA Winter 2012 Favorites

Walking the floor at CHA always is exciting and frustrating at the same time. It’s exciting to see all of the new products that will be coming out for my future creative play. But it’s often frustrating as I see more products and inspiration than I know that I will ever have time to use, and also get excited about using products that I know may not actually be in my hands for months.

But, in the spirit of the dream of unlimited time and creativity…here’s the things that really spoke to me on the show floor in Anaheim, that stoked my creative fires and made me say “WOW!”

One of the first things I saw in the previews that excited me was the new lines from Pink Paislee. Literally everything they released this show, including their new signature lines, was stunning. But  a few specific pieces really got me excited.

These tags from Spring Jubilee, one of my favorite two collections, grabbed me immediately. Although they are not my favorite tag size (#8) for making stand-alone tag projects, they will still be incredibly useful on layouts.

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