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Organization | Tips for Redesigning Your Scrapbook Area

The start of a new year is a time that many people – not just scrapbookers – start thinking about organizing, cleaning, and purging their spaces. For me and my scrap room, this process always starts way before January. I’m an absolute wimp when it comes to cold temperatures and gray skies, so as soon as it starts to get even a touch chilly outside I retreat indoors to my warm, cozy spaces. The problem is that after I spend just a few weeks in those spaces, I start itching to rearrange them and try something new. I guess I just get tired of looking at the same old surroundings!

I started plotting and planning my scrap room revamp in late October, and then after waiting to have time to make the trip to IKEA (the closest one to me is about four hours away) I finally started the actual makeover process in early December. It took about a month of work interspersed between my regular job, family gatherings, and Christmas prep and celebration, but I’m finally finished and am thrilled that my scrapping space now looks like this!

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May’s Fabulous CHA Prep Tips

CHA is no longer months away – it is only several weeks now! While it’s an exciting time for crafters wondering what the next big things will be, and what our favorite companies will release, it can also be stressful if you’ll be attending the show. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into attending a trade show! I have attended as a buyer, working booths, covering the show as a reporter for this website, walking the floor as a designer, and more. I have seen things that make me cringe and been wildly impressed by show floor professionalism as well. Having attended a number of shows and walked many a CHA-floor mile, today I want to share my top suggestions and tips for getting ready.

For anyone working or attending:

The show is long. You get thirsty, and the temperature on the show floor is often not anything like the temperature outside. Those are some factors that remain the same no matter what occupation you are attending in. For anyone going, I have the following suggestions:

* Wear comfortable standing shoes. Oh, you’ll be walking a lot, but also make sure the shoes you have on are comfortable not just for covering distance but also for standing up on a hard floor all day long.

* Bring plenty of water and quick snacks. Being dehydrated and hungry is almost a given at CHA, but try to at least reduce that by being prepared and having some water and crackers, granola bars, or other quick snacks on you for a fast pick-me-up.

* Bring lip balm, hand sanitizer, a light sweater, and lotion. Not only can the show floor fluctuate from hot to cold, but it is more often than not very dry in the hall – making Chapstick and lotion much needed amenities. Continue Reading →