Archive | December 6, 2011

Operation Clean Slate: Week 5 – Making Time

It’s the holidays. We’re decking the halls, shopping up a storm, and sending season’s greetings to what feels like Santa’s entire list. Whatever possessed us to think that we could use this time period to also finish a project that we were unable to finish during less busy times of the year?

We’ve talked in previous weeks about how to make a project go faster when we sit down to work, by batch processing tasks, or by simplifying it from our original vision. But those techniques are only useful if we can find time to sit down and scrap in the first place. How do we make that happen?

For me, the most powerful tool in my time management tool box when I’m trying to make time for something is routine. When I make something part of my routine, I don’t have to “make time” for it. It just happens naturally in the flow of my day or week. Making something part of my routine means that I’ve made it a priority. My routine also saves me time – there is no time wasted on decision making about what to do next.

A lot of us hesitate to make scrapbooking part of our regular routine. We don’t think we should make something fun, that we do for ourselves, a high priority. So we sneak it in here and there, when we have a few “spare” minutes. And we feel guilty for doing even that. It’s just another one of the ways that many of us shortchange ourselves and put ourselves last and don’t take care of ourselves. Continue Reading →