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Christmas 2011 Holiday Paper Collections Roundup

In the scrapping world, Christmas journaling season is in full swing. Whether you follow Journal Your Christmas, December Daily, or your own form of holiday memory keeping, I’m betting that you – like many other scrappers out there – are searching for the perfect new paper line to complement your seasonal photos.

Rest assured that Scrapbook Update is on the case! I’ve spent hours combing manufacturer web sites, blogs, online catalogs, and promotional images to bring you a massive informational resource. Every Christmas line released at or since CHA Summer 2011 is listed here along with a sampling of images of the line’s papers and coordinating embellishments (where applicable). Yes, that’s right! From 3 Bugs in a Rug to Webster’s Pages, I’ve scoured the scrapbook industry to bring all things Christmas right to your computer’s monitor.

Additionally, I’ve attempted to categorize each line based on color palette and style. I’ve kept the number of categories to a minimum to make things simple (keep in mind that some lines may span multiple categories). Here’s a little information to help you decode what each label means:

  • Traditional Color Palette – Each of these lines stays true to the red and greens that are the hallmark of Christmas lines (exclusive of any neutrals). Additionally, I’ve allowed lines that include blue as an additional color into this category due to the prevalence of red, green, and blue lines this year. The presence of any other color, though, such as yellow or pink, earns the line a nontraditional label.
  • Nontraditional Color Palette – While these lines may contain heavy amounts of red, green, and blue amongst their colors, they also include other shades such as purple, pink, or yellow.
  • Vintage Style – These lines are characterized by one or both of the following: heavy distressing, or the presence of vintage imagery. Additionally, an “aged” color palette may earn a line a spot in the vintage category.
  • Whimsical Style – These lines contain some of those adorable images that we associate with Christmas: smiling snowmen, scarf-adorned penguins, and a general line-art style to the illustrations are some of the hallmarks of this category.
  • Graphic Style – These lines are characterized by clean lines and may contain heavy amounts of dot, stripe, and lattice prints. Additionally, traditional Christmas icons that are depicted using clean lines and a lack of distressing will earn a line a spot in this category. The graphic style category is the most likely to be combined with one of the other two styles.

If you want to find a particular line based on either style or color palette, I recommend that you use your browser’s search function to find lines that fall into the categories listed above. Otherwise, all lines are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Continue Reading →