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Trend Watch | Chevrons

The latest releases of scrapbooking products have shown a huge increase in the use of chevron patterns. A chevron refers to an inverted v, the pattern version being more than one of them strung together. This is often seen repeated to form a graphic looking design. While the design is nothing new, or especially interesting even, it is indeed a hot trend.

When I walked into Target weeks ago, I was assaulted by multiple displays of a limited edition collection by Missoni for Target that featured Chevron-filled sweaters in bold colors, and everything from matching socks to baby apparel to underwear. (In fact, that Misssoni collection was so hot that its launch crashed and it sold out in hours. Its products are now selling for multiple times original retail price on ebay.) While the wild and bright graphic look applied to clothing is a trend I will happily skip, I like the idea’s potential for decor, crafting, and other applications. Indeed, that trip to Target showed me that the chevron pattern is a trend to watch! Continue Reading →


Paperclipping Roundtable #88: I Scrap Dead People

Ana Cabrera and Jessica Sprague joined us this week to talk about digging up our dead relatives and scrapping what we find! [To be clear, since there seems to be some confusion among some readers: this episode is about genealogy, not scrapping memories of recently deceased family members.]


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