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Scrapbooking with Hard To Use Paper

We all have it in our stash, and it’s okay to admit it – you’ve got scrapbooking paper that you’re nervous to use. You know the paper I’m talking about – paper that’s too pretty to cut into, or has a huge or heavily repeated pattern that you’re afraid of covering up. The kind of paper that can baffle your scrapbooking mind.

That paper.

I will freely admit that I have a lot of that paper in my stash. Some of it’s new, some of it’s old (but I still love it), but it all has one thing in common: it needs to be used! It’ll at least be seen if I use it in an album. It’s not doing anyone any good sitting in a Cropper Hopper on my shelf.

As it turns out, there are lots of ways to use that paper, and I’m going to share several of them with you right now!

1. Cut It Out

This option may be the most natural one for traditional scrapbookers since we’re all so used to pulling out scissors, trimmers, and craft knives anyway. There are many different ways to use creative cutting in your scrapbooking, and the technique that you choose will largely depend on the type of design that’s printed on your scrapbooking paper.

One of my favorite techniques for creative cutting is to use a craft knife to carefully cut along the edge of a design (without completely detaching it from the paper), allowing photos, embellishments, or other pieces of paper to be tucked under the cutout. Large designs that are located for the most part on the edge of a sheet of paper work best with this technique, and I’ve included a few examples of this type of pattern below (from left to right: Glitz Dance in SunshinePolka“, Pink Paislee NantucketLobster Bisque“, My Mind’s Eye Lost and Found ChristmasNoel“).

Can you see the opportunities for creative cutting here? The flowers on the Glitz paper are perfect for trimming with a craft knife and then layering over photos, as are the fish (or even portions of the coral) on the Pink Paislee sheet, and the ornaments, “Noel,” and Santa’s sleigh on the My Mind’s Eye print are all prime candidates for a bit of cutting. Continue Reading →


Noteworthy | 10.6.2011

The first Friday in October brings with it a cold change in weather here in my neck of the woods, but this first week of October has also brought some new happenings and exciting news in the scrapbooking world too. Here are this week’s noteworthy stories:


Leading off this week is Bella Blvd, who announced their first ever batch of mid-releases. A “winter wonder” line, some “miniature stickers“, and a “spring flings and Easter things” line.

 These are *limited edition* mini collections, which means that once they are out of stock they are gone and will NOT be reprinted. You will want to get your hands on these, before they sell out. Call your local scrapbook stores and remind them to get their orders in, starting today. Products will start shipping out on October 24th, in just three weeks!

The release of a spring/easter line in mid-fall was surprising to me, but these days there no longer seems to be specific timelines for releasing seasonal product. Whatever the company’s reasons, the products are all bright and fun, and the classic look Bella Blvd is known for. Continue Reading →