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I’ve been scrapbooking long enough (and I’m sure that many of you have, too) to remember a time when “fibers” were all the rage. Whether brightly colored or muted, sleek or fuzzy, thick or thin, fibers could be found in almost any color and made with nearly any material imaginable. The fiber craze eventually gave way to the sleeker, more elegant ribbon trend, but recently a more sophisticated type of “fiber” has emerged as a new scrapbooking must-have: baker’s twine.

Baker’s twine can be purchased in massive spools (that are literally measured by the pound rather than by length) at baking and restaurant supply stores, but many scrapbooking and crafts manufacturers are producing this new staple product in both smaller quantities and a larger selection of colors to cater to those who need a bit more variety (and a smaller size) than, say a 10 pound spool of nothing but red and white twisted cotton string.

Some stores such as The Twinery have popped up in the last year or so and offer baker’s twine as either their only product or their main product. Twine from The Twinery is available in fourteen different colors with new additions occasionally being made (Stone, Buttercream, and Denim are the most recent new colors to join the lineup). Consumers have the option to buy The Twinery’s twine in either large 240 yard single-color spools or in a smaller sampler pack that includes all of the company’s colors in less expensive (and easier to store) 15 yard skeins.

Divine Twine is another all twine, all the time seller with a selection of twelve different colors. They carry both the traditional color/white twist variety of twine as well as a specialty “Air Mail” spool with a red, white, and blue color scheme. Divine Twine is only available in large 240 yard spools from their online store, though a search on Etsy turned up several sellers offering the colored strings in shorter length variety packs. 


Recently scrapbooking and crafts manufacturers have been getting in on the twine trend, marketing baker’s twine in smaller quantities and larger color ranges than what’s typically available at most baking supply stores. Martha Stewart Crafts has been offering twine in holiday assortments (Halloween, Christmas, etc.) for several years now and recently released a new line of single-color spools in longer lengths.

Doodlebug introduced their own version of baker’s twine, Doodle Twine, at CHA Summer 2011. Doodle Twine is available on 20 yard spools in all of the colors found in the company’s signature palette. Doodlebug’s twine is extra-colorful thanks to the two strands of color they include for every white strand (instead of the standard 1:1 ratio). Doodlebug also offers Halloween and Christmas twine with multicolor twists, along with an assortment of twine cards designed to match specific color sets (such as primary colors) and paper lines.

Doodlebug has also meshed the baker’s twine motif with their popular alphabets to create Doodle Twine alphabet stickers, which, like Doodle Twine, are available in all the colors in Doodlebug’s standard palette.

The saturated colors of Doodlebug’s twine pair well with not only their own papers, but also with other bright paper lines such as Bella Blvd’s Too Cute to Spook and Christmas Wishes. The colors of the twine aren’t washed out by the bold papers thanks to the boost provided by the extra colored strand.

Supplies | Patterned Paper: Bella Blvd Too Cute To Spook (Quadrants, Cute Cuts). Stickers: Bella Blvd Too Cute To Spook (Alpha + Bits, Miniatures). Twine: Doodlebug (Halloween). Rhinestones: Doodlebug.

Supplies | Patterned Paper: Bella Blvd Christmas Wishes (Star Stripe). Stickers: Bella Blvd Christmas Wishes (Just Write, Miniatures). Twine: Doodlebug (Christmas). Rhinestones: Doodlebug.

We R Memory Keepers offers a variety of baker’s twines in their Sew Easy Fancy Floss line:

Though these twines are designed to work with the company’s Sew Easy tool (look for a review of this tool coming soon to Scrapbook Update!), they work just as well on their own as regular twine.

Supplies | Patterned Paper: We R Memory Keepers Spookville (Spooky Spots, Trick or Treat). Brads: We R Memory Keepers Spookville (Glitter Brads). Stickers: We R Memory Keepers Spookville (Embossed Cardstock). Twine: We R Memory Keepers (Tertiary).

Supplies | Patterned Paper: We R Memory Keepers Autumn Splendor (Hazel, Willow). Brad: We R Memory Keepers Autumn Splendor (Glitter Brads). Chipboard: We R Memory Keepers Autumn Splendor (Layered Chipboard Tags). Twine: We R Memory Keepers (Neutrals)

Jillibean Soup offers baker’s twine in a variety of color sets (Turquoise/Green, Pink/Purple, Yellow/Orange, Red/Black, and Blue/Green) that will coordinate easily with both their older and current releases.

Jillibean Soup’s baker’s twine has a thinner composition and a more “slick” finish than standard cotton baker’s twine, a property I found to be very useful when stitching with the string.

Supplies | Patterned Paper: Sassafras (Sweetly Smitten 6×6 Pad). Cardstock: The Paper Company. Twine: Jillibean Soup (Pink/Purple). Chipboard: KI Memories (Friendship Chip Accents).

Supplies | Patterned Paper: Sassafras (Sweetly Smitten 6×6 Pad). Cardstock: The Paper Company. Twine: Jillibean Soup (Turquoise/Green). Buttons, Dies: (Papertrey Ink).

While some scrapbooking manufacturers are marketing their baker’s twine as standalone items, others such as My Mind’s Eye have released their twines as part of a specific paper line’s embellishment package. When My Mind’s Eye released their mid-season Lime Twist collection, they also debuted no fewer than twelve shades of coordinating baker’s twine, available on 20 yard cards.

Pink Paislee introduced its own version of baker’s twine at the CHA Winter 2011 show. Both of the House of 3 branded lines, Soiree and Daily Junque, feature twine in a variety of trendy color combinations, many of which ditch the standard white/color twist in favor of the color/color variety.

Teresa Collins has included a coordinating shade of bakers twine in the trim packs for all three of her new lines: Christmas Home, Haunted Hallows, and World Traveler.

Crate Paper has also jumped on the twine bandwagon. All three of their new CHA Summer 2011 releases – Farmhouse, Random, and Peppermint – sport bakers twine on their trim cards.

October Afternoon includes a generous amount of coordinating baker’s twine in each of the Wrap Packs from their three newest lines: Sasparilla, Sidewalks, and Farmhouse.

Digital Scrapbookers are getting in on the twine trend, as well! Splendid Fiins (found at has not one but three element sets (Baker’s Twine Photo Mega Pack, Baker’s Twine Cards, and Baker’s Twine) featuring nothing but baker’s twine inspired embellishments!

Many digital scrapbooking kits now also include a baker’s twine embellishment or two in the mix. Jen Allyson’s Vanity Fair collections (Persimmon and Cerulean pictured below) include colorful twists of baker’s twine in their embellishment packs.

Baker’s twine is a subtle, inexpensive, and readily available option for scrapbookers who want to add just a hint of color pop to their projects. Next time you’re shopping for supplies, consider adding a few shades of this staple embellishment to your basket – but be careful! Baker’s twine can be habit forming, if my own collection is anything to go by!

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18 Responses to Trend Watch | Baker’s Twine

  1. Debra September 20, 2011 at 2:15 am #

    Grrrreeeaaattt article – loved it!

  2. Gab September 20, 2011 at 5:26 am #

    Great article and fantastic cards

  3. Tracie September 20, 2011 at 12:12 pm #

    More and more businesses are adding twine to their product mix. Is it basically all the same material? I wish I knew what made the twines different from one another, besides the colors.

    • Amanda S September 20, 2011 at 12:44 pm #

      I’ve tried several of these twines, with happy results. I don’t care for the twine released by Pink Paislee as the texture is very different. It’s almost slippery, like it’s made of a synthetic fiber rather than cotton. I found it very hard to work with and I won’t buy it again.

    • Melissa Stinson September 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

      Hi, Tracie!!

      Pink Paislee and Jillibean both have synthetic twines (I actually found the texture to be easier to work with when doing hand stitching). The Twinery, Divine Twine, Doodle Twine, My Mind’s Eye, Martha Stewart, and We R Memory Keepers are all cotton. Divine twine is a bit thinner than the others, but still cotton.

      I can’t speak to the Teresa Collins, Crate Paper, or October Afternoon twines as I don’t have them- October Afternoon’s aren’t even out yet! 🙂

  4. Monika Wright September 20, 2011 at 1:51 pm #

    I am lucky enough to have 14 huge spools of The Twinery baker’s twine to play and craft with as part of their Design Team and after having used other twine in the past…in my humble opinion, The Twinery twine has luscious, eco-luxe colors and a really nice heavy weight to it. Great article sharing all the options out there available to crafters, Melissa.

    • Melissa Stinson September 20, 2011 at 2:59 pm #

      Monika, I’m jealous of all your big spools of twine! I purchased the sampler pack from The Twinery, so I only have the small skeins. They are one of my faves, though!

  5. Stephanie September 20, 2011 at 3:39 pm #

    WOW! what an amazing article on baker’s twine! I’m another design team member for The Twinery & I agree with Monika- nothing compares in color & quality to The Twinery 🙂

  6. Mary L September 20, 2011 at 4:21 pm #

    thanks for enabling once again!

    • Melissa Stinson September 20, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

      LOL!! I aim to please. 🙂

  7. Whitney @ September 20, 2011 at 7:01 pm #

    Wow! What an excellent round up of baker’s twine. When I introduced Divine Twine in November of 2009 it was the only 100% cotton, eco-friendly baker’s twine in yummy colors on the market. It was at least 6+ months before it started getting copied. Who knew what a trend it would start!

    You mentioned that Divine Twine is thinner than some of the other twines, but it is at least the same thickness. It is visually “lighter” because of the color twist which is based on traditional baker’s twine.

    Thanks so much for including Divine Twine in your post!
    Whitney @ Whisker Graphics

    • Melissa Stinson September 20, 2011 at 7:42 pm #


      Thank you for clarifying the thickness of Divine Twine. I actually have a huge spool of your airmail themed twine and love it!


  8. lyneen September 20, 2011 at 9:18 pm #

    I just love bakers twine!!!!! Glad to see all the colors!

  9. Marianne Brinkley September 21, 2011 at 10:11 pm #

    Thank you for this excellent article that you obviously researched very throroughly! I follow the blog for the Twinery and have had my order ready to go more than once and thought…do I really need all 14 colors…and have decided to wait. It is definitely on my wish list!!

  10. Monica September 21, 2011 at 11:56 pm #

    Where can I buy the spools of doodlebug twine at? I see the Halloween on some online sites but not the rest of the colors?
    Thank You!
    Monica 🙂

    • Nancy Nally September 22, 2011 at 12:12 am #

      The Doodlebug Twine may not quite be shipping yet.

    • Melissa Stinson October 1, 2011 at 11:52 am #

      Monica- I just noticed yesterday that Two Peas in a Bucket has the spools of Doodle Twine in stock now! I also found them at Happy ‘n Scrappin.

  11. Jennifer Earley September 22, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    WOW!!! I had no idea there was soooo much twine out there! Great article and AWESOME projects to be inspired.

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