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Trend Watch | Baker’s Twine

I’ve been scrapbooking long enough (and I’m sure that many of you have, too) to remember a time when “fibers” were all the rage. Whether brightly colored or muted, sleek or fuzzy, thick or thin, fibers could be found in almost any color and made with nearly any material imaginable. The fiber craze eventually gave way to the sleeker, more elegant ribbon trend, but recently a more sophisticated type of “fiber” has emerged as a new scrapbooking must-have: baker’s twine.

Baker’s twine can be purchased in massive spools (that are literally measured by the pound rather than by length) at baking and restaurant supply stores, but many scrapbooking and crafts manufacturers are producing this new staple product in both smaller quantities and a larger selection of colors to cater to those who need a bit more variety (and a smaller size) than, say a 10 pound spool of nothing but red and white twisted cotton string.

Some stores such as The Twinery have popped up in the last year or so and offer baker’s twine as either their only product or their main product. Twine from The Twinery is available in fourteen different colors with new additions occasionally being made (Stone, Buttercream, and Denim are the most recent new colors to join the lineup). Consumers have the option to buy The Twinery’s twine in either large 240 yard single-color spools or in a smaller sampler pack that includes all of the company’s colors in less expensive (and easier to store) 15 yard skeins.

Divine Twine is another all twine, all the time seller with a selection of twelve different colors. They carry both the traditional color/white twist variety of twine as well as a specialty “Air Mail” spool with a red, white, and blue color scheme. Divine Twine is only available in large 240 yard spools from their online store, though a search on Etsy turned up several sellers offering the colored strings in shorter length variety packs.  Continue Reading →


Suzi Blu Moves To Stampavie

Stampavie has shared exclusively with Scrapbook Update that mixed media artist Suzi Blu has signed with the company to create a signature stamp line. Suzi Blu was formerly with Unity Stamp.

New Jersey-based Suzi Blu is known for her folk art based designs that feature portaits, and for her offbeat personal style. On the transition to working with Stampavie, she commented:

Something happens when two people get together that are meant to be together, that’s me and Heidi. More than a working relationship we are friends of a like mind, and enthusiastic to take the stamp world and show them what mixed media is all about! We foresee not just creating beautiful stamps to be used in traditional ways, but transforming the occasional crafter into an artist. Our stamp line is the starting place that will inspire the limitless potential that is inside each one of us to create unique and personalized works of art worthy of decorating walls. I couldn’t be happier about collaborating with a company whose vision is not just to get by but in essence, to change the world. Continue Reading →