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CHA Summer 2011 | Adhesives Roundup

The CHA show floor is a vast ocean of craft supplies of all types, and scattered amongst the reams of gorgeous paper and piles of pretty beads, baubles, and embellishments lie small islands filled to the brim with the one product that binds all the rest of it together – glue. Whether your preference is liquid or dry or tape or dot, adhesive is something that is a nearly universal need of every papercrafter.

At CHA Summer 2011, I made it a point to visit the booth of every adhesive manufacturer that I could find on the CHA show floor with the intent of asking them one question: “what’s new?” In the process, I discovered some pretty cool stuff, and, since the world of adhesive doesn’t turn over quite as quickly as the world of paper and stickers, a few of these items have been out since the last CHA (or even prior to that), meaning that you can most likely find some of these items in your local scrapbook store right now!

Therm-O-Web is well known for their Zots brand of adhesive dots, a favorite among many papercrafters. Among their newest items are “Zots for Bling”- micro-sized dots perfect for use on the backs of tiny rhinestones.

They also now offer “Lots O Zots” boxes for crafters who like to buy their glue in bulk. The boxes of large, medium, and small Zots each contain a whopping 900 dots while the bling Zots have 975. Both “Zots for Bling” and “Lots O Zots” were debuted at CHA Winter 2011, and are already available at many retailers.

Scotch/3M introduced their own line of adhesive dots at CHA Summer 2011. These dots dispense from a roll through the bottom of their packaging with each dot dispensing on its own clear backing sheet for easy handling.

Scotch is also launching new, easy-to-use packaging for its Super Glue product. The improved bottle has a tiny applicator nozzle that pulls any unused adhesive back into the tip, eliminating the frustrating overrun that can occur at the end of dispensing.

Scotch/3M is of course famous among papercrafters for their existing line of Adhesive Tape Gliders, as well as an array of smaller tape runners and glue sticks.

3L’s Scrapbook Adhesives line had some new additions at the CHA Summer 2011 show. EZ Dots Mini Dispensers will thrill Kokuyo fans who have been hunting for a replacement ever since that company ceased its US operations. EZ Dots Mini Dispensers, available in both permanent and repositionable formulations, work like a tape runner and lay down a pattern of tiny, very thin dots of adhesive.

EZ Runner Permanent Fine Adhesive is a reformulation of 3L’s vellum adhesive that has been redesigned to work with any fine or delicate paper (including vellum) while leaving no markings.

Crafty Foam Tape and Thin 3D Foam Squares Mix (product not pictured) are 3L’s entry into the dimensional adhesive market. Crafty Foam Tape, EZ Runner Permanent Fine Adhesive, and EZ Dots Mini Dispensers are all already available while Thin 3D Foam Squares Mix is due to hit stores in September 2011.

Beacon Adhesives has already made a name for itself among papercrafters with their Zip Dry paper glue product, and they have two new adhesives coming to market soon that expand their line’s capabilities even further.

Fast Finish Decoupage is an acid-free, fast-drying decoupage finish that dries to a clear matte coat with the first application and becomes glossier with subsequent applications. It’s also not susceptible to heat and humidity, meaning that the surface never softens or becomes tacky after drying.

Beacon had several projects using Fast Finish Decoupage on display in their booth, including a few paper bead necklaces and an adorable decoupaged pig.

Coat ‘n Create is Beacon Adhesives’ answer to papercrafters’ glitter-flaking frustrations. It forms an extremely strong bond, and even when I rubbed my finger quite hard across the surface of several small boxes that had been covered with Coat ‘n Create, only a few tiny little sparkles showed up on my skin.

Adhesive powerhouse Tombow has several new items on the market. Their Stamp Runner is available in both a solid tape and a dot pattern (another possible option for Kokuyo lovers!) and offers two methods of application in the same dispenser. It can either be used as a traditional tape runner, or users can “stamp” a single square of adhesive in a precise location, making it a great option for attaching both large pieces of paper and tiny embellishments.

Kokuyo refugees may also be interested to know that Tombow offers a dot pattern adhesive refill for their traditional tape runner (product not pictured) as well.

3D Foam Tabs, Fastener Tabs, and Power Adhesive Tabs were all debuted by Tombow at the CHA Winter 2011 show. The fastener tabs, consisting of sets of paper-thin hook and look fasteners, are the most intriguing of the mix since they provide a new way for papercrafters to attach embellishments, gift cards, and a host of other items to their projects while still having the ability to remove those items easily.

The Power Adhesive Tabs are extremely strong squares of clear adhesive capable of holding up to 6 ounces each – just look at them being used to suspend a series of glass pendants here in the Tombow booth!

Sticky Thumb’s massive green booth caught my eye as I passed it several times during the course of the show, so I made it a point to stop in while I was on my adhesive-gathering mission on the last day of the show. What I found there from this relatively new company (they’ve only been in business for about a year and a half) was quite interesting.

Sticky Thumb has two main product lines, the first being a set of foam adhesive squares sold in packs containing a variety of sizes and shapes.

The second product line is their tape runners, and it was this item that really impressed. These things are sticky! I stuck my thumb on it to see how tacky it is and had difficulty reclaiming my finger from the adhesive!

The tape runners and dimensional adhesives at Sticky Thumb are available at very reasonable price points, which should help this product gain a larger hold in the market as the company grows.

Devoted papercrafters can be very passionate about their favorite adhesives. The products may not change often, but for something considered mostly a “boring basic” they inspire a surprising amount of loyalty and emotion in consumers. It’s always interesting to look around and wonder what the next big thing in “stick” will be.

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Interview | Amy Tan on bringing Amy Tangerine to American Crafts

During the CHA Summer 2011 show Scrapbook Update had the chance to sit down for a few minutes with designer Amy Tan to talk about scrapbooking, Big Picture Classes, and, of course, her new Amy Tangerine product line with American Crafts!

Scrapbook Update: I know you started generating a whole lot of buzz in the industry when you did your online class on a private blog last year, and I think you gained a lot more followers then. So, can you tell me a little about that class that’s now at Big Picture and how it came to be?

Amy: Sure. So last year when I offered the workshop, it was my first one online, and it was a success in my mind because a lot of people who signed up just loved it, and they made their projects and they really enjoyed the two weeks that they spent with me in the class. So, I met with Big Picture, and they were hoping to put together a workshop, like a live workshop, when the line launched, and I said, “well, I already have this one on my blog…I don’t know if you want to look at it and see if it’s something you want to offer to your students as a download any time.” So, they looked at it, and they loved it, and they offered it for a really good rate, and students are able to just go onto the site and download it whenever they want, and they can use it anytime, and they’ll have access to it forever.

Scrapbook Update: So, how many people did you have in the original run of it?

Amy: Ummm, enough! [laughing]

Scrapbook Update: And have a lot more people downloaded it since then?

Amy: Oh, yes! I really like the fact that the people who signed up the first time were able to have a little bit more of an intimate classroom experience because I was on the blog every day and they were able to comment and I was able to interact with them a lot. This workshop on Big Picture is more of a self-paced class, so they’re able to gain the same knowledge from those lessons, but in a way that they can just do it on their own. So now with the workshop coming out, it’s going to be announced in a few weeks…it’ll be a four week workshop where it’ll be very interactive.

Scrapbook Update: That was actually going to be my next question…did you have any new classes at Big Picture or anywhere else coming out, so that’s exciting!

Amy: Yes!

Scrapbook Update: So is the workshop the workshop version of the downloadable class, or is it a totally new class?

Amy: It’s a totally new class.

Scrapbook Update: Can you tell us anything about what that is?

Amy: Sure! It’s called “The Good Life,” and I can just tell you that it’s going to run for four weeks, and it’s going to use some of the products that are launching with the line with American Crafts. And I’ve got new techniques, and it’s jammed full of fun stuff.

[Note: Amy Tan’s new workshop, “The Good Life” was officially announced last week at Big Picture Classes!]

Scrapbook Update: That’s great!

Amy: I’m so excited!

Scrapbook Update: So, are you going to offer a kit or anything like that with it?

Amy: Yes, we’re talking about that, too…which, I’m putting together right now. I think that people really enjoy having a kit to purchase along with the class.

Scrapbook Update: And so the kit will of course draw from the new line pretty heavily?

Amy: Yes.



Scrapbook Update: So, let’s launch right into the new line from American Crafts- it’s really exciting for you! How long ago did they contact you about that?

Amy: So, actually we were talking about it since last June.

Scrapbook Update: Last June…so it’s been a little over a year.

Amy: Yeah. So we were just talking, and it was just put out there as a suggestion…an idea…and we just kept it in the back of both of our minds, and I got the call in December saying that it’s a go, and it was really exciting. So I spent a week in Utah in January, and here we are now at CHA in July.

Scrapbook Update: So during that one week, that was when you designed the whole line? Or did you go in with some ideas before that?

Amy: I went in with a lot of ideas, and I had two wonderful designers working with me during that week.

Scrapbook Update: So, a lot of the product types are based on things that you already used in your mini albums and your travel books, but what was your inspiration for the style of the line?

Amy: I guess I was just really influenced by stationery and home office and things that I loved that I didn’t really see in the scrapbook world, so I drew inspiration from just the world around me and just kind of everything that I liked, which was just so fun and natural because all I did was select elements that I loved and we were able to put it together in a really cool way. The designers that I worked with were just so incredibly talented. I feel very, very lucky.

Scrapbook Update: It’s got a very eclectic feel, but it all pulls together nicely.

Amy: Oh, thank you!

Scrapbook Update: Can you tell us if there are any new lines planned…being talked about?

Amy: [laughing] We’re talking about it. Hopefully. I think that the response so far has been great. It’s just day two of CHA, but so far I’m really, really excited, and I know that I think American Crafts is really happy with the response.

Scrapbook Update: If you did one, do you think it would be a follow-on with more additions to this line, or a different style of the same types of items, or is that not decided yet?

Amy: I think that it would still stay true to Amy Tangerine and American Crafts, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Scrapbook Update: So what’s your favorite piece…your favorite product…from the new line?

Amy: If I just had to pick one, I think it would be the mini book because I was so excited to be able to mass produce something that’s so unique and offer it at a really good price point to everybody. And I think it’s something that I would use all the time if I had it available to me in the past couple of years that I’ve been scrapbooking. So instead of having to make an actual mini album yourself, you have it ready-made and you can add your bits and pieces to it to have your own twist.

Scrapbook Update: And that book wasn’t sneak-peeked with the rest of the line. In fact the email just came out from American Crafts yesterday in their newsletter that it was released, so you guys kept that one under wraps!

Amy: Yeah, we tried our best. You know, we try to release things and make announcements as we go, so we’re always cooking up something.

Scrapbook Update: I was actually very excited to see those, as well!


Scrapbook Update: So, how did you start scrapbooking originally?

Amy: In 2007 when I was doing my t-shirt line heavily, I actually stumbled upon a local scrapbook store who had a class the next day with Emily Falconbridge, and my cousin and I signed up and we took the class and just fell in love with her and her techniques and scrabooking in general, and I guess it’s just kind of been a ride from there.

Scrapbook Update: How is designing your product line different from designing scrapbook pages? Is it harder? Is it easier? Is it just different?

Amy: It’s just different. I mean, it’s so much fun, just as scrapbooking is. I have to think a little bit outside the box because I want to kind of get into the minds of other scrapbookers and try to fill in a need that maybe isn’t available already. There are so many wonderful products out there, and I want to be able to come up with something fresh that complements everything else that’s out there, as well. It’s been a fun challenge.

Scrapbook Update: So, you work in the industry in another kind of unique way. You’ve got your own business. Can you tell us a little about that?

Amy: Sure! When I was making the transition sort of out of the fashion industry the way I was enveloped in it before, I decided that I wanted to do something really fun at events where I would put together scrapbooks for clients and the scrapbook would actually be made the night of the event. So I teamed up with a company called LA Photo Party, and they basically set up a photo booth without the booth at events like weddings, bat mitzvahs, birthday parties, and corporate events, and they print the photos on site. Once they’re printed, they hand them over to the scrapbooker. The guest can write a note to the host, and at the end of the evening a full scrapbook is presented to the host.

Scrapbook Update: Wow! So you have to scrapbook a whole lot of pages really fast.

Amy: Yes, so that’s what we first started doing, but we fine tuned our formula a little bit and we’re able to get the theme and the color scheme beforehand from the event planner and we put together a lot of base pages. So we got a little bit smart about that and it’s a really good system, and everybody is always so happy with their album because the night goes by so fast, especially for weddings, you know, it’s such a nice keepsake that they can take home with them right away.

Scrapbook Update: Is it stressful at all, having to make that many pages in that short of a time?

Amy: You know what? It’s fun! I don’t think it was ever stressful. I really enjoy the process, especially after we fine tuned the way we were doing it.

Scrapbook Update: On average, how many pages do you scrapbook at an event, or is there an average?

Amy: I would say the average is about 30 to 40.

Scrapbook Update: 30 to 40. Wow! And what’s the most you’ve ever done at an event?

Amy: I had help, but we did I think 70 pages.

Scrapbook Update: You scrapbook for some names…some people that I’m sure our readers are going to recognize, so can you maybe just drop some names for us?

Amy: [laughing] Well, I do like to keep my clients’ privacy in mind, but the ones that I can mention are…we did Dr. Phil’s 60th birthday party, and that was a whole lot of fun. It was just an amazing event. And I scrapbook with Mindy Weiss, she’s the party planner who does a lot of celebrity weddings and events, so we have a really good clientelle, and we feel so lucky to have those people to work with.

Scrapbook Update: And it’s definitely one of those niches that doesn’t get filled.

Amy: [laughing] Yeah.

Scrapbook Update: Well, those were all the questions that I had. Is there anything else that you want to add before we wrap it up?

Amy: I just want to thank you for your time and thanks for doing this. I really look forward to when the line hits the shelves and everybody gets their hands on it and starts using it. I’m most excited about that – to see what everybody else creates.

Scrapbook Update: And I know our readers are excited to get their hands on it, too! Well, thank you so much for joining us, Amy!

Amy: Thank you! I really appreciate it.

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CHA Summer 2011 | Hero Arts, Unity Stamp, Lifestyle Crafts, Simple Stories, and Uniformed Scrapbooks of America

Scrapbook Update’s last booth coverage post from CHA Summer 2011 brings you not one, not three, but six manufacturers and their new products!! So buckle up for the blitz tour of the CHA floor!

I’ll start off this last segment of our CHA booth tour with a trip to see the new Hero Arts stamp offerings. Their newly announced partnership with Studio Calico was of course the buzz of the show, and by the looks of these fantastic stamp designs both companies have a hit on their hands!

There was alos excitement at the show over Hero Arts introducing new lines of embossing folders with matching stamps (below) and dies with matching stamps (not pictured).

The Basic Grey/Hero Arts partnership that began at the CHA Winter 2011 show is still going strong, with several items from the line on display at CHA Summer 2011.

And of course, Hero Arts carries many designs of cling mount and clear stamps produced by their in-house designers.

Did someone say booth projects? Hero Arts is known for its fabulous design samples (their catalog is practically an idea book full of beautiful inspiration), and these are gorgeous!

Unity Stamps is next on our itinerary. Unity partners with a wide range of scrapbook manufacturers and designers to produce licensed high-quality cling-mount rubber stamps.

Bella Blvd has several new items in the catalog at this show, including a lovely set of doily stamps.

Notice the reflection coming off of the packaging in that photo above? Unity introduced redesigned packaging at CHA Summer 2011 for their stamps. Instead of the previous kraft envelopes, stamps will now be packaged in convenient zip bags.

I got quite excited over some of the new Unity-produced Echo Park Paper stamps – especially the Fright Night set with its adorable little banner!

For the first time, there are now rubber stamps that coordinate with Nikki Sivils paper lines…

Unity also partners with Iron Orchid Designs and Webster’s Pages to produce licensed designs.

Jillibean Soup has many new offerings through Unity, as well. They were displayed along with a lovely bunch of sample cards to show off the goods!

Home letterpress is a rapidly developing market in the papercraft industry as consumer interest in DIY parties and events grows due to the economy. Lifestyle Crafts offers one popular system for DIY letterpress that was an early entrant to the market.

Hint: Look for more on letterpress coming from Scrapbook Update soon!

The Simple Stories brand has grown from a small subset of the Memory Works catalog to a full product line in its own right in a very short time. They introduced four new themed lines at the CHA Summer 2011 show, including the “Generations” collection shown below.

“Happy Day” is perfect for documenting birthdays and many other types of celebrations.

Fans of products using traditional Christmas reds and greens will find much to love in Simple Stories’ “25 Days of Christmas” line.

“Baby Steps” is a sweet, gender neutral baby line designed to make documenting your newborn as simple as possible.

The Simple Stories design team showed in their booth how traditional layouts could be made with the products, even though the products are actually specifically designed for use in a divided page protector scrapbooking system.

Uniformed Scrapbooks of America brought back their signature military uniform album line that earned them so much recognition when they first debuted, and they also added an adorable new Santa Claus “uniform” book to the mix!






And that concludes our CHA Summer 2011 booth tours!

Scrapbook Update’s CHA Summer 2011 booth coverage may be over, but there’s still more CHA goodness to come! In the coming months we’ll be bringing you in-depth reports on many new products that debuted at the show. We still have a few more “on the scene” reports to share as well (including an interview with new American Crafts designer Amy Tan), so stay tuned for those!

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