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Happy Anniversary

Being a papercrafter, I really want to handcraft cards for my husband for special occasions. Right now, that personal touch especially means a lot to add to my greetings to him.

Unfortunately, mail regulations and screening at the Department of Corrections make it somewhat difficult to get a handmade card through to my husband, as well as hard to predict whether my work of art will get to him or not. One thing that DOC doesn’t like is glued layers on an item – eliminating most papercrafting techniques. They also don’t allow any metal items, so no using brads or any of the other popular metal embellishments right now. Finally I realized that the simplest way to bring him something I created would be to create digitally. It’s not perhaps exactly the homespun, textured, imperfect handmade look I would prefer to bring him a piece of home with, but it does let me create something just for him.

I tried this for the first time with his anniversary card back in April, and was very pleased with the results.

Since I am not the best at designing card layouts, I started with an 8.5×11 template (Designer Digials – Cathy Zielske Layered Template #33)  as my base and then resized it A2 card size (a quarter of an 8.5×11 sheet) when I was done.

Digital Anniversary card made with page template

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