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[Review] American Crafts Pow! Glitter Paper

I do love glittery things but I do not like glitter paper. It flakes off, the glitter gets on everything, and generally it’s a big mess maker that isn’t worth the trouble or expense. So when I heard about American Crafts Pow! Glitter paper I didn’t even give it a second glance.

But a few weeks ago while I was teaching classes the store owner at Stamper’s Corner, Carol, brought over some glitter papers to show the class that she really liked it. I picked up a piece just to be polite, and found myself amazed! Instead of a flaky, glittery mess,  the glitter was completely contained. In fact, no amount of rubbing or manipulating would cause the glitter to come off of the paper. I was intrigued. Here was a product worth looking into!

The best way I can describe this paper is to call it rubbery. The glitter is contained by a thin flexible coating, allowing it to sparkle and shine but preventing any kind of mess!

My Fiskars punches did work on the paper, but I do not recommend punching it. As you can see in the photo above, the punch did not cut cleanly through and some of that top coat was torn/frayed rather than sliced clean, leaving a ragged and unattractive edge on both the punch and the paper left behind. I found that more intricate designs had an even harder time punching, or wouldn’t cut through at all. It is a bit thicker, and definitely offers more resistance, than a piece of cardstock or normal patterned paper.

With its unique textured front and slick back, Pow! is not the easiest paper to adhere. I suggest using a generous amount of liquid adhesive, and I think this paper works best as an accent. As a background piece, it would be frustrating to have to adhere everything with liquid, especially since you must wait for the adhesive to fully dry before the pieces really hold.

Although I don’t recommend punching this paper, I loved the results of using this product with my Sizzix and Tim Holtz steel-rule dies. They are strong enough to cut through much thicker and harder materials, so they cut cleanly (and easily) through this paper. I also tested the paper with a Making Memories Slice machine, and the results were good with it as well. My only word of caution about the Slice (or other cutters with small blades) is to expect that this kind of a material will wear out your blade faster than a traditional patterned paper. I did not even attempt to use this in my sewing machine – though I’m sure it’s probably possible. The reason was simply that I didn’t want to dull or break my needle.

Pow! paper was perfect for this layout of Cinderella Castle from our Disney vacation:

Supplies – Cardstock: Core’dinations. Decorative Paper: American Crafts Pow! paper (Silver, Pacific, Marine). Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts Thickers (Mirror Mirror), My Little Shoebox Mini Alphabet (Sky).  Punch: Fiskars Border Punch (Scallop). Die: Sizzix. Other: Ranger Tim Holtz Distress Stickles (Picket Fence).

Now that I’ve really tested out a few sheets of Pow! paper, I’m looking forward to using it again, as well as collecting more of the available colors. This paper has such potential for use on items like cards, giftwrap, and even home decor, where flaking glitter could really be a problem. I look forward to working with this in future papercraft projects, and I envision myself using it a lot with my Sizzix machine to create glittery accents for my projects.

American Crafts Pow! paper comes in twelve solid colors as well as four patterns that each come in six colors, and retails for around $1.99 per 12×12 sheet.

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