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Paperclipping Roundtable #70: Non-Crappy Shared Scrap Spaces

This week, Lisa Dickinson and CD Muckosky joined the panel as we talked about creating space to scrap in shared family space.


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The Panel


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My New Kitchen Scrap Space

Since I talked all about the recent moving and transformation of my scrap space on this week’s Paperclipping Roundtable episode, I figured pictures were probably due of it as well!

Up until last fall, I’d had a scrap space in our spare bedroom that doubled as my office as well. (I wrote about it awhile back – it had changed some since then, but the basic idea of the space remained the same.) Then when my husband started working with me full-time for awhile before he was sentenced, he asked me to start sharing his office with him for both convenience and so that we could spend as much time as possible together. To our surprise, we both loved the arrangement and have decided to make the joint office permanent.

That left only my scrap stuff in the spare room – until the family tag feud in November and December required a work space that could seat two people so we could both work on our tags together. We took over the kitchen table “temporarily” as a joint workspace. And something amazing happened…I discovered I scrapped more, and got more done, than I ever had when I was hidden away in the spare room.

All of the reasoning and methods of my move to the kitchen are pretty thoroughly detailed in the Roundtable episode on shared scrap spaces, but here’s the photos of what I’ve done for my new space, which is still actually a bit of a work in progress.

the kitchen eating area seen from the living room

the kitchen eating area seen from the living room

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