Archive | January 19, 2011

CHA Winter 2011 Keynote Speaker Replaced

The Craft & Hobby Association announced today that there has been a last-minute change in the keynote speaker that is scheduled for the CHA Winter 2011 Conference & Trade Show that opens on January 29th.

Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s Marketing Director, was originally scheduled to give the keynote address for the show on Saturday morning. Zuckerberg is unable to present “due to unforeseen circumstances” according to the CHA announcement.

Stepping in at the last minute to deliver the show’s keynote will be Nick Bilton, the lead technology writer for the New York Times. Bilton is the author of I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works: Why Your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted. Bilton will speak to CHA attendees about the advantages that businesses gain by staying on the cutting edge of technology. He’ll discuss the impact of Facebook and Twitter, and how technology has altered the next generation of consumers.

Nick Bilton will speak to CHA Winter 2011 attendees on Saturday, January 29th at 8:30am in Concourse Ballroom 153 of the Los Angeles Convention Center. Tickets are available to registered attendees at until pre-registration ends January 25th.

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