Archive | January 9, 2011

One Little Word 2011: Focus

Like about 2000 other people, I’m starting the new year out by taking Ali Edwards’ “One Little Word” class at Big Picture Classes.

Of course, the first step in the class is to pick your one little word for 2011. It was a lot harder than I anticipated. My initial thought was that the choice was obvious – courage – due to my current family situation. But then when I started thinking hard about it, I realized that hopefully that word would be past necessary (or at least not nearly as central to my life) as the year wore on. I reconsidered.

I finally settled on: focus. To me, this word has two meanings as it relates to this project. First, I was recently diagnosed with ADHD. “Focus” is not an abstract concept for me. It’s an everyday challenge in even my normal tasks – and my inability to focus is aggravated by stress. Finding a way to overcome that on a daily basis will be a major goal of 2011.

Second, “focus” has to do with remembering what my priorities are, and what is critical to my existence and what isn’t. That goes for everything from trying to make ends meet without my husband’s income to trying to run a household without a second set of hands. And it most definitely goes for deciding what to do with my time as I know I will spend this year feeling overstretched by all the competing needs of the burdens placed on me by being (effectively) a single parent and a small business owner.

I had a hard time doing the cover page because I felt like it was setting the tone for the entire album. I thought of doing it in kraft but wasn’t happy with the contrast when it printed, so I settled on a lighter background. I also thought this was a bit cheerier than the kraft, and I ultimately hope that this will be a positive project.

The result:


Patterned Paper – BasicGrey Basics Collection (Census)

Rub-on – BasicGrey

Alphabet – Webster’s Pages Storytellers (Sweet Holiday)