Help BasicGrey Help A Family In Crisis

It’s easy to forget during the joyful holiday season that others’ lives may not be so joyful. Bad things don’t stop happening in the world when the halls get decked for the holidays…

BasicGrey has just announced that they are holding a charity event on their website from now to Dec. 5th, to help a family close to them that unfortunately knows this all to well:

On November 28th, three young boys–Ivan 16, Javier 14 and Bryant 12, friends of BasicGrey’s own Joanna, lost their only surviving parent in a tragic car accident. The boys lost their father earlier this year to cancer. Needless to say that upon hearing this news our hearts sank and then we asked ourselves- “What can we do to help?”  Among other things we have decided to donate proceeds to this family from all the digital purchases and the sale of our featured class kits (now priced at $15) from 12/3/2010 to 12/5/2010. By doing just a little shopping (and who doesn’t love shopping?) you will be doing a lot of good.

If you’re a BasicGrey fan who’d like to help, please take a few minutes to shop the digital store or the class kits.

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2 Responses to Help BasicGrey Help A Family In Crisis

  1. elizabeth brownd December 5, 2010 at 12:07 am #

    Hello Nancy.. Actually I’m back in designing christmas for K and Company. Would love to talk after being out of the industry for so long…We did other product for JoAnn this year and K picked us up…..Hugs, Elizabeth

  2. Jean Rood December 5, 2010 at 3:36 pm #

    I loved Elizabeth Brownd’s work for Lang and am looking froward to seeing what she does for the scrapbookers among us!

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