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Paperclipping Roundtable #20: This Is Stacy

Paperclipping Roundtable #20 is available for listening!

The panel this week consisted of: me, Noell Hyman, Izzy Hyman, Stacy Julian, and Renee Pearson. We chatted about chronological scrapbooking and home party sales (and of course tons of other stuff).

To listen to this week’s episode, you can click here.

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Update on Spellbinders vs Quickutz

Recent activity in the patent infringement case that Spellbinders has filed against Quickutz indicates that the case isn’t likely to be decided any time soon, or even this year.

In January, Quickutz indicated in their court filing responded to Spellbinders’ suit that they intended to file with the US Patent & Trade Office asking for a re-evaluation of the original granting of the patent they are being sued for allegedly violating. This filing has now been accepted by the PTO, and on May 4th was assigned to an examiner by evaluation. No time frame is set for the completion of the re-examination process, which could be lengthy. If the patent were to ultimately be declared invalid, of course, then Quickutz cannot be sued for violating it. Continue Reading →