Ning Announces New Pricing Plans

Ning has announced their new pricing plans that will go into effect starting in July 2010. The company had already announced several weeks ago that they are eliminating their free level of service and restructuring their paid service levels.

The new plans include three tiers of service. The basic level of service, which replaces the current free service, is called Ning Mini and costs $2.95/mo or $19.95/yr. It includes an ad-free network with basic features and up to 150 members, 1GB storage, and 10GB bandwidth per month.

Other service levels are available at $19.95/mo and $49.95 mo (or $199.95 and $499.95 per year) with unlimited member numbers and more advanced features (including the removal of Ning branding). The major difference between the two more premium service levels is the amount of provided storage and bandwidth, and the inclusion of API access with the top service level.

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