Paperclipping Roundtable #16: Implanted Under Your Skin

Paperclipping Roundtable episode #16 featured Noell, Izzy, Ali Edwards, Cathy Zielske and me talking all about how to use our social media content in our scrapbooking.

To listen to this week’s episode, you can click here.

Show Notes:

As Izzy mentioned in the episode, he has created a new “Intro to Video” course for video beginners. If you have an interest in learning some basic video fundamentals, this course will help.

The Paperclipping Roundtable audience can save $17 off the normal price of $50 with coupon code pcvideo, lowering the price to only $33 if you sign up by April 23, 2010!

You can learn more here.

The Panel:

Our Picks:

Here’s an example of a perfect Photopass picture from a Disney photographer that we were glad to have them there for:

I was there, insanely snapping away when Bridget met Santa at the Magic Kingdom in December. But I never managed to get her looking just right. The Disney Photopass photographer did…and now I have the perfect photo for my scrapbook page about her meeting with Santa.

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