Craft Month Q&A: Tami Morrison

Today we are excited to bring you a Craft Month Q&A from Tami Morrison! Tami is a member of the Ella Publishing team and an instructor for Big Picture Scrapbooking. Her latest BPS class, Everyday Adventures, begins on April 15. You can also find her at her blog, Noodle Soup.

What was the first craft you ever remember doing? At what age? And what got you started?

Construction paper + paste, in Tiny Tots preschool. I think I must’ve been about 3. To this day, school paste is still one of my favorite smells!

Can you name all the crafts you have tried as hobbies?

It would probably be easier to name the ones I *haven’t* tried, but I’ll give it a go. In loose chronological order: paint by numbers, latch hook rugs (hello, 70s!), collage, Tulip paints on clothing (hello, 80s!), crafting of random objects seen in magazines (Christmas tree watering can, an assortment of wreaths and other holiday decor, embellished sweatshirts…), decoupage, scrapbooking, card making, handmade paper, painting, art journaling, altered items, paper arts, soap making, making hair bows & beaded barrettes, needle felting, sewing, embroidery.

What crafts do you currently do?

Scrapbooking and sewing, mainly…but I’m still a dabbler in many things, depending on my mood. Except for the Tulip paints on clothing and latch-hook rugs!

What other crafts have you incorporated into your scrapbooking?

Sewing, decoupage, collage, painting, felting.

What is your favorite craft & why?

Scrapbooking, all the way! It’s so much more than a single craft – it’s an opportunity to express myself creatively in a lot of different ways, but also a way to live an aware and appreciative life.


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