Craft Month Q&A: Contributing Writer May Flaum

Contributing Writer May Flaum took a few minutes to share her crafting history for National Craft Month:

What was the first craft you ever remember doing? At what age? And what got you started?

I’ve been crafting my whole life. Anything and everything. As a child I remember making handmade paper, creating scrapbooks, stringing beads for necklaces, making our own doll clothes and furniture,

Can you name all the crafts you have tried as hobbies?

This isn’t a question I can answer! I’ve tried just about everything in some form or another. Coming from a very craft heavy family I have had access to a wide variety of crafts.

What crafts do you currently do?

I do some very novice sewing, I dabble in mixed media and canvas arts, and of course most of my time is spent scrapbooking.

What other crafts have you incorporated into your scrapbooking?

My skill set works throughout all I do. It’s about creative play for me. Off the top of my head I know I’ve brought in beading, sewing, paper making, and stamping into my scrapbooks. I love to shop the whole craft store looking for ideas and products to use, so I really just see it all as potential.

What is your favorite craft & why?

I would say scrapbooking because it combines photos + stories + paper crafting. I can do a little of everything.

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