Archive | March 4, 2010

Introducing the Scrapbook Update Newsletter!

Scrapbook Update is now offering a periodic newsletter to help keep scrapbookers updated on industry happenings!

This newsletter is different from the email delivery of Scrapbook Update’s RSS feed that we’ve already been offering. The RSS email delivers a digest version once daily of the content that appears on the “blog” portion of Scrapbook Update.

The Scrapbook Update newsletter will contain information that is not posted to our regular RSS feed or email subscriptions.

The Scrapbook Update newsletter will also enable us to do several things that we can’t do now with the RSS email that we think our readers will like. First, it will allow us to deliver breaking news directly to your inbox the moment it is posted on Scrapbook Update, instead of having to wait until the preset time that the daily email goes out for it to be distributed (which could mean you have to wait almost a day to see the latest big news).

The newsletter will also allow us to update readers easily on major updates to the non-blog pages of the site, such as the various CHA sneak peeks & planning pages, and the Black Friday sale pages. Readers will no longer risk missing out on important information because they don’t know it is there!

The newsletter will be published at most one time per week (with occasional exceptions for special breaking news bulletins) and subscriber addresses will not be used for any other purpose than newsletter delivery.

Thanks for joining in! We look forward to helping keep you up to date on the scrapbook industry in this new way!

Visit our newsletter page to sign up!