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CHA must be coming soon…my inbox is exploding with sneak peeks and my show week calendar is filling up! Here’s the latest in CHA-related news:

Craft & Hobby Association Launches Social Media Effort

CHA has announced that it is launching a full-scale social media campaign to engage and inform both consumers and the industry itself about the crafts industry and the association. You can now find CHA online in the following social media:

“Social media is more than a fad; it’s a fundamental shift in how we communicate with our members and the world,” said Steve Berger, president and CEO, CHA, in the announcement.  “We are confident that the more platforms we provide for our members, crafters, and the industry to share information, network and build relationships, the more relevant feedback we can generate in order to build a stronger craft industry.”

Kizer & Bender Hosting $1.99 Idea Luncheon

The fabulously brilliant Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender are hosting a $1.99 An Idea Luncheon at CHA. You can actually get paid to attend a CHA seminar! Share your idea for a successful in-store event or marketing tool and you earn $1.99!

The $1.99 An Idea Luncheon is on Sunday, January 24th, from 12:30-2pm. Because it includes lunch, it is a specially priced seminar ticket. The cost for CHA members is $25 for pre-registration, and $35 for purchase on-site. Non-members can attend for $50 or $60.

In addition to the $1.99 luncheon, Kizer & Bender are also doing their popular events calendar seminar on Monday, and a Social Media Lab on Tuesday. For all the details, see their website. To register, visit the CHA show site.

New CHA Badge Policy

The Board of Directors for CHA passed a new badge policy late last year that goes into effect for CHA Winter 2010. The policy restricts the number of free show badges available to exhibiting and non-exhibiting supplier members in an attempt to curb badge abuse and cut back the number of non-qualified show attendees. Exhibiting supplier members of CHA will get four free badges for every 100 square feet of exhibit space. Additional badges may be purchased for $50/each. Non-exhibiting supplier members will receive four free badges per company, and additional badges may be purchased for $100/each. Non-members who wish to attend CHA will continue to be charged $150/badge.

CHA Previews

CHA sneak peeks are really starting to roll out…check out the Scrapbook Update sneak peeks page for a sortable table where you can view preview links either by the date they were added to the list, booth number, or alphabetically by company.

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  1. nancy Grant January 6, 2010 at 3:22 pm #

    Thanks for all the updates. I did take a lookie-loo at their new blog. I was surprised by the blah design. I guess as a papercrafter I like more pizzaz.


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