Archive | November 13, 2009

Social Media & The Scrapbook Store

Today we are joined on Scrapbook Update by Zanne Koller.

Suzanne “Zanne” Koller is a Marketing professional in the field of internet marketing solutions, content management and web usability in Orlando, Florida since 2000. Zanne is currently working as a freelance Internet Marketing Strategist for Zeno Blue eMarketing. She specializes in  website development, redesign, usability and all aspects of internet marketing (banner, email newsletters, search engine optimization, and social media).

Zanne’s Scrapbooking and Mixed Media artwork can be found on her blog Zannedu. Zanne Koller can be contacted at, You can also follow her on Facebook or on Twitter.

What is Social Media?  Facebook can’t help my business?  Social media is a Fad. Twitter is only for young kids. Have you found yourself as a scrapbook store or online retailer, saying these things to yourself?  Don’t. Social media is not as scary as you think and it will increase traffic to your Scrapbook business.

There are many definitions of social media. I define it as any content in your voice, third-party content (blogs, articles, etc), pictures and videos that you share online. Let’s focus on the two most popular social media sites. We’ll talk about getting started on Facebook and Twitter, and how these sites can improve business. Continue Reading →