Archive | October 21, 2009

Michaels Increases Gypsy Promotion

Michaels has increased the value of the promotion that they are running with the purchase of the Cricut Gypsy.

It appears that Michaels and other retailers are restricted from discounting the price of the Gypsy, so Michaels is using the classic retail tactic of “discounting” it by providing more value for the $299 MSRP they have to charge. (This is a similar pricing tactic to the one used in the HSN promotion for the Gypsy launch, where the Gypsy was bundled with a large number of accessories for the $299 MSRP.) The new Michaels promotion, effective until 10/31, includes a huge bonus of Cricut points (a total of 800) and two free Solutions cartridges via mail-in rebate.