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Buzz & Bloom Holding Design Team & Consumer Contests

Australian company Buzz & Bloom, who won the Innovations Award at CHA-Summer 2009, are holding a contest to select their 2010 design team members. The deadline for entering is October 31st and details about how to enter can be found in the contest announcement on the Buzz & Bloom blog.

If you aren’t interested in joining a design team, Buzz & Bloom is offering another contest that may be for you. The company is having a contest to see what scrapbookers can make with their tabbed book kits. Entries can be submitted starting October 31st, and the contest ends December 31st. All the rules and details can be found on the Buzz & Bloom blog.


Emilie Ahern Leaving The Scrap Review

Well-known scrapbook industry designer and instructor Emilie Ahern announced over the weekend that she is stepping away from the industry and turning over The Scrap Review site that she founded to assistant editor Ashley Harris. Ahern has also resigned from all of her design team commitments.

The reason that this ambitious designer-on-the-rise is stepping away from the success she has achieved in scrapbooking? Put simply, burnout:

The thing is….as I became published, taught classes, accepted assignments from magazines and Guest Artists spots, I found myself simply “filling an assignment”. I often scrapped other people’s children because some assignments were gender or theme specific. And somewhere along the line I stopped telling my story. After much thought and consideration I have realized that I need to step away.

On her personal website, Ahern indicated that she plans to keep scrapping but that she has gone digital for the most part and will be holding a massive garage sale for disposing of most of her paper supplies.

Ahern’s announcement, paired with a similar one last week by Creating Keepsakes’ Becky Higgins, sparked a lively discussion on this week’s Paperclipping Newsbreak about the high risk of burnout among professionals in the scrapbook industry who have turned their hobby into their job.


Paperclipping Newsbreak #19: Is Burnout Changing the Scrapbook World?

Noell & Izzy Hyman and I had a whole lot of fun (and technical problems) taping episode #19 of Paperclipping Newsbreak. This week’s conversations covered some wide-ranging topics – everything from the idea of taking over the online scrapbook world (not as far-fetched as you might think) and a very candid look at how burnout affects professionals working in the scrapbook industry.

This week’s show is embedded for listening at the start of this post, or is also now available for listening or download on the Paperclipping Newsbreak site, or at the links below:

Download Episode 19 of Paperclipping Newsbreak (Right click and select “save as…”, then you can play the file on your computer)