ScrapBiz to Close in December

ScrapBiz logoKim Guymon announced via her blog Tuesday that she is closing down ScrapBiz, which offered support services to independent home-based scrapbook businesses. The ScrapBiz member support program will close on December 1st after over 7 years of operation. Guymon will continue to run PhotoBookBiz, a program that sets up photo book sales web sites for businesses.

Guymon explained the decision to close ScrapBiz as due to the changing marketplace conditions:

Though there have been many changes because of the economic recession, the decrease in consumer demand for scrapbooking products and the resulting impacts on stores, manufacturers and industry trade publications, not all of the news has been bad. As long as there are photos, there will be scrappers and many scrapbooking businesses continue to thrive. However, fewer people desire to start a traditional scrapbook business and most wholesalers are now happy to sell to and support any retailer who has a business license, regardless as to whether their store is brick and mortar, online or home-based.

In addition to continuing her efforts for PhotoBookBiz, Guymon is considering consulting and other business options for the future. Guymon is also on the advisory committee of the Professional Scrapbook Retailer’s Organization for the International Photo Marketing Association.

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