Provo Craft makes Gypsy FAQ available; HSN to get Gypsy

Provo Craft has made a very comprehensive FAQ available on the Gypsy website that answers pretty much all of the questions that I have heard asked about the Gypsy (and some that I haven’t).

The Gypsy FAQ discusses in detail the computer compatibility of the device, how the cartridges work with the device and with Cricut machines, and even hints at future plans for the expanding the Gypsy’s capabilities. If you are planning to or are considering buying a Gypsy to use with your Cricut, the FAQ gives an excellent overview of the device’s capabilities and usage.

And if you don’t want to buy it at Michaels, according to the FAQ there is another place that you will be able to get it on the 24th of September – shopping channel HSN.

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