Michaels Gets Gypsy For 30 Days

Michaels announced last week that they will be selling the Provo Craft Gypsy exclusively starting on October 4th. They began taking pre-orders for the device last weekend, and the pre-orders will be delivered in late September according to what a representative for Michaels told Scrapbook Update.

Of course, the big question for both consumers and other retailers is how long the device will be exclusive to Michaels for. October is already creeping into the start of the holiday shopping season, and Michaels would be unlikely to discount much for the holidays on a hot product that they had an exclusive distribution deal on. And of course other retailers are going to want a chance to capture a part of the holiday market for the buzzed-about device for Provo Craft’s popular Cricut (also a popular holiday item).

According to a statement issued to Scrapbook Update by a representative for Provo Craft, the Gypsy will be exclusive to Michaels for only 30 days and will be available in other stores starting the 2nd week of November. This means that it should be widely available at other retailers before the official start of the holiday shopping season at Thanksgiving. It will be interesting to see if there is a Gypsy sale war on Black Friday the weekend of Thanksgiving since it would be expected to be a hot seller for the holidays.

Of course, even the 30 day exclusive deal on the Gypsy release for Michaels is a blow to other scrapbook retailers since it will soak up the first frantic buying frenzy for the product.

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