Marketing Link Round-Up

It’s been awhile since we’ve done one of these…I’ve got a lot of great links saved about marketing to share with everyone!

Twitter for Business FAQ (WebWorkerDaily) – My fellow contributor at WWD Meryl Evans wrote a great FAQ for people who are using or considering using Twitter for business purposes.

The Top 5 Mistakes of Social Media Marketing (Kizer & Bender) – Social media marketing is important to do, but the cost can be high if you don’t do it right. Here’s the top 5 mistakes to avoid.

Crafting An Online Network ( – How AC Moore is using an online forum to stay in contact with their customers.

Personal Branding & Self-Censorship Online (WebWorkerDaily) – In this piece for WebWorkerDaily, I talk about the limits of what is a good idea to share online when your presence there is both personal and professional.

Death Spiral (Seth Godin) – Seth Godin talks about the difference between being proactive and being the passive victim of a business’s death spiral.

Consumers Still Treasure Photographic Memories With Prints (GigaOM) – Jordon Golson of GigaOM offers a surprisingly upbeat view of the printing of digital pictures.

Your Innovations Aren’t Immortal (Harvard Business Blogs) – Scott Anthony addresses the brutal truth that change is inevitable and companies must adapt their ways to the market to survive.

What All PR People Should Know About Journalists (Influential Marketing Blog) – Some great information that every PR rep needs to know to make their pitches to news outlets more successful.

Why Things Become Unpopular ( – This scientific blog examines the statistical rise and fall of trends and fads in our culture.

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