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Quickutz Granted Extension For Lawsuit Response

According to an order signed August 24th by the judge in the case, Quickutz has been granted the requested extension to respond to the lawsuit filed against them by supplier Bai-Win. The extension had been jointly requested by Quickutz and Bai-Win, because the companies said they were in settlement talks and needed more time to continue those negotiations.

The extension order gives Quickutz through September 4th (Friday) to file a defense to the suit or to reach a settlement with Bai-Winn.


Provo Craft makes Gypsy FAQ available; HSN to get Gypsy

Provo Craft has made a very comprehensive FAQ available on the Gypsy website that answers pretty much all of the questions that I have heard asked about the Gypsy (and some that I haven’t).

The Gypsy FAQ discusses in detail the computer compatibility of the device, how the cartridges work with the device and with Cricut machines, and even hints at future plans for the expanding the Gypsy’s capabilities. If you are planning to or are considering buying a Gypsy to use with your Cricut, the FAQ gives an excellent overview of the device’s capabilities and usage.

And if you don’t want to buy it at Michaels, according to the FAQ there is another place that you will be able to get it on the 24th of September – shopping channel HSN.


News Briefs: Kizer & Bender, CHA Deadlines, & Local Stores

Here’s some scrapbook news briefs for this week:

Happy 19 Years to Kizer & Bender!

Retail consultants Rich Kizer & Georganne Bender are celebrating 19 years this week of bringing their sage advice to retailers of all types. Their sessions at CHA are not-to-be-missed for retailers looking to not only survive but excel in the currently challenging retail environment.

I especially love the description in their anniversary article of how they are aware of each of their strengths and use that to their benefit to create harmony and productivity in their partnership. Many scrapbook stores are owned as partnerships and could learn from the way that Kizer & Bender run their partnership.

CHA Winter Deadlines Are Coming

According to a tweet by Craft & Hobby Association VP Sandy Ghezzi: Workshop applications are due August 28th, and seminar speaker applications are due August 31st for the CHA 2010 Winter Convention. Contact CHA Education Manager Amie Kolodziej at for more information.

CHA is on Twitter

There are several CHA-related Twitter accounts to follow to get updates on deadlines and information for the Craft & Hobby Association: Sandy Ghezzi, Victor Domine, Amie Kolodziej, and CHA Trade Shows.

News Stories Conflict on State of Local Store Health

A couple of local news stories that crossed my path this week tell highly conflicting tales of the state of local scrapbook stores:


Paperclipping Newsbreak #15: Is The Summer Bump Gone?

Noell Hyman and I taped episode #15 of Paperclipping Newsbreak on Monday. We talked a lot about trends in scrapbooking’s popularity, as well as covering some of the latest news in scrapbooking and issuing reminders about CHA submission deadlines.

This week’s show is now available for listening or download on the Paperclipping Newsbreak site, or at the links below:

Download Episode 15 of Paperclipping Newsbreak (Right click and select “save as…”, then you can play the file on your computer)


Quickutz In Settlement Talks Over Lawsuit

According to a motion filed today in United States District Court, Quickutz is in settlement talks with the supplier who filed suit against them on July 15th, alleging Quickutz owed them over $700,000 and had committed fraud in their business dealings.

Today’s motion to extend the time that Quickutz has to respond to the lawsuit was filed jointly by Bai-Win and Quickutz, stating that the companies “are currently engaged in settlement discussions, and the parties are hopeful that such discussions may lead to a resolution of this matter and an early dismissal of this case.” Currently Quickutz has until August 25th (Tuesday) to respond to the lawsuit. The motion to extend by the companies asks for the deadline to be extended until Friday, September 4th to provide more time for a settlement to be reached.


Scrapbooks Etc Hits iPhone With Scrap App

While at CHA, I got to take a sneak peek at the new iPhone/iPod Touch application from Scrapbooks Etc. The application, called Scrap App, is now available to the public in the iTunes store for $1.99. Here is what you will get.

The home page of the app is frankly uninspiring in design, being filled with banner ads that are really too small to read, and text link ads to various BHG partner products. There is promise that in the future this page might contain “exclusive product freebies, deals and contests”, but at the moment it is underdeveloped and looks spammy in a paid application.

Scrap App 1The major feature of the app that is being marketed is the “Page Builder” that lets you build a basic scrapbook page (essentially a background with a single picture and text whose placement you can’t control) to use as your device’s wallpaper. Although it has some talented designers contributing backgrounds to it, this feature needs some development, such as the ability to crop photos and move the text box around, before it will be satisfying at all to most scrapbookers.

Scrap App 4That said, there are some nice features hidden in this app that aren’t being heavily marketed. The first is the Page Layout Sketches library. This section of the app contains thumbnails of page sketches displayed four at a time on your screen. Touch the thumbnail that interests you and you get a full-screen version of it, with the option to download the image into your device’s phone library. Currently there are only 25 sketches in the app’s library but if it is added to with regular updates that are promised for the app, this could become a very valuable reference for using when scrapping on the go at a crop. It is a pain to haul along a whole book of sketches for inspiration, but who doesn’t almost always have their phone with them?

Scrap App 5A second useful reference feature of the Scrap App is the color palette reference tool. Stumped for what to coordinate with those summer beach pictures? Scroll through the sample six-color sets to find inspiration for your project. The palettes include color codes to use if you are a digital scrapbooker, and can be downloaded to your photo album for quick reference to your favorites just like the sketches.

Scrap App 7I hope that Scrapbooks Etc will continue to add content to these two sections of the app to expand their usefulness to users.

Scrap App is currently a fun little tool to play with, but is probably somewhat overpriced at $1.99 for its current capabilities. It has a lot of future potential if Scrapbooks Etc continues to release updates and new content for it. Hopefully it will live up to its possibilities and grow into an app worthy of its price tag and the Scrapbooks Etc name.