Archive | July 15, 2009

Fiskars sells Heidi Grace, Cloud 9 to Colorbök

Fiskars announced in January that they were dropping production of their consumable product lines. The products were created under the Heidi Grace, Cloud 9, Ink by Steph, Lil Davis, and Kimberly Poloson brands. Heidi Grace Kress, the designer behind the Heidi Grace line, moved on to create her own company called “clever”.

Today it was announced, however, that Fiskars has sold the Heidi Grace and Cloud 9 consumable lines to Colorbök.

“We are very excited to be adding these strong brands to our paper crafting product portfolio,” said Colorbök’s CEO Chuck McGonigle.  “Fiskars has done an outstanding job of managing and growing these brands in the past three years.  We plan to continue this commitment with Fiskars’ existing retail customers and also expand the brands into even more retail outlets in the future.”

There is more good news if you are a Heidi Grace fan. The line’s founder and signature designer is coming back to scrapbooking to help bring her product line out of retirement, according to the Colorbök CEO in the announcement:

We are also happy to announce that Heidi Grace Kress, the creative force behind Heidi Grace Designs, has agreed to join the Colorbök family and help us to ensure a smooth transition of the brand that she created.