Provo Craft Says Gypsy Doesn’t Erase Cartridges

A public relations representative acting on behalf of Provo Craft has issued the following statement to Scrapbook Update about the question of whether being loaded onto the upcoming Gypsy electronic device erases Cricut cartridges:

Many have speculated that using a cartridge with Gypsy will wipe the content from the Cricut Cartridge. This is not the case. Users that buy Gypsy will be able to use any of their cartridges with their Gypsy OR any Cricut machine.

This statement clearly conflicts with the impression that was left with the focus group that was used for the product, and also with what at least one person was told by Provo Craft’s customer service today.

Provo Craft is apparently continuing to adhere to their marketing plan for the release of the Gypsy, which calls for the machine to not be actually “revealed” until the 27th, and thus are declining to release any concrete details about the operation of the machine to put to rest customer questions about this issue.

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