ProvoCraft Unleashes Viral Marketing Campaign For Cricut Gypsy

Provo Craft has been building a lot of mystery surrounding the new Cricut accessory that is being unveiled at CHA-Summer.  First they set up a website with hints to the tool’s capabilities on it, along with a countdown to its unveiling. Now, they’ve gone all out with a social media campaign that I believe may be unlike anything ever seen in the scrapbook industry.

The website has now been expanded to host embedded YouTube videos that show the quest of bounty hunter Donnie K. to retrieve 10 test units that weren’t returned. The videos, also available on the RogueGypsies YouTube Channel, are pretty unusual for the scrapbook industry.

Donnie K. also has his own Twitter account, Facebook page, and Flickr account.

Provo Craft is hitting all the marks on a textbook social media campaign that is designed to go viral, and it seems to be working.

So what is the Gypsy?

According to the website, here are its vital statistics:


  • Size – 8” x 3” x 1.5”
  • Weight – 11 ounces
  • Screen Size – 4.7”, 16:9, 480 x 272
  • Stylus Length – 3.75”
  • Storage – ~4000 Cartridges, 10000+ Designs
  • Battery Life – 4 hrs cont. 18 hrs int.
  • Compatible with all Cricut Machines and Cartridges
  • Weld, size, slant, rotate, stretch, preview
  • 2 Full content cartridges preloaded


  • No computer required
  • All CDS functionality on-the-go with no PC
  • Interfaces with CDS when connected to a PC
  • Stores All Content
  • Stores All Overlays
  • Stores All Manuals
  • Stores CDS Projects

Joy Tracey, author of the Obsessed With Scrapbooking blog, was part of a focus group about the device. She’s indicating in her blog post about the Gypsy that it stores all of the contents of the user’s Cricut cartridges.

Word around the internet has it that the cartridges may be erased when their contents are loaded onto the Gypsy (obviously PC would want to do this to prevent sharing and duplicating of cartridges, which would run rampant otherwise). If this is true, this makes the computer geek in me nervous, because electronic devices can be damaged, crash, or have their memory die. Any computer owner knows they have to protect their valuable data by backing up their hard drive regularly. I wonder what protections would be in place for future Gypsy owners should a device possibly holding hundreds, even thousands, of dollars of cartridges fail. Would there be a back-up system, or a way to reclaim the cartridges? It’s one thing to have a single cartridge die – it’s another thing to lose your whole collection due to a hardware failure.

UpdatePlease see Scrapbook Update’s follow-up article for a statement from Provo Craft on the issue of whether the Gypsy renders Cricut cartridges inoperable.

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