Scrapbook Update Editor Joins WebWorkerDaily

The concept (or rather the reality) of web work is what makes it possible for Scrapbook Update to exist. The site is created and run from my home office, using the power of the internet to do research, communicate with sources and deliver my work.  Thanks to the power of the internet, I am able to do a job I love and maintain a full-time workload while still being flexible in my schedule.

In the past week, that job has gotten somewhat bigger. I am happy to announce that I have accepted a position as a contributing writer on the GigaOM Network website WebWorkerDaily. My first article, Must-Have iPhone Apps for Surviving Air Travel, was published July 1st on the the site (and also syndicated to In the future, my work will probably appear a few times a week on WWD.

Scrapbook Update will continue as usual. WebWorkerDaily is simply an addition to my work schedule.

Many others in the scrapbook industry are able, like me, to work at home thanks to the power of the internet.  Much of the design, marketing and public relations in this industry is done by freelancers or telecommuters working from home offices. I was an avid fan of WebWorkerDaily for the invaluable information they provided to me as a web worker long before I joined them as a contributor. I encourage you to try visiting the site if you are a home office worker in the scrapbook industry too.

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