Archive | June 19, 2009

Post-It Note Marketing?

Yesterday it was princesses, today it’s Post-It notes. Somehow this week I’m letting all of my secret obsessions out on Scrapbook Update.

After I did my occasional refill order of return address labels from Current Labels about a month ago, I started getting all of their email marketing of course. One thing that landed in my inbox, however, didn’t land in the delete folder immediately. It was about Post-It notes. And I love Post-It notes. I mean, I love them in that “I have several year’s supply stashed in my kitchen cupboard because I use them constantly and can’t resist buying cute ones” way.

Of course, for a Post-It freak like me (and it has to be the 3M ones – none of that generic stuff for my scribbles) the ultimate would be customized notes with my own design on them – like maybe the new Scrapbook Update logo? But I thought that you had to commit to a huge press run and large cost to get custom ones, until I got the email from Current. At their iPrint partner, you can get five 50-sheet pads for under $10, made with your own design or customized from one of theirs.

So what’s my Post-It addiction have to do with scrapbooking? The email from Current had fabulous ideas in it for using Post-It notes to create sticky coupons or mini-ads to put on sales materials or on sales bags:

Sticky CouponsSticky Bag Tags

The possibilities for using these notes at a trade show like CHA, or in a store, are overwhelming! Stick coupons or event announcements to a scrapbook kit package…put a sale flyer on a bag…make a pad of custom journaling stickies for a class…I’m sure all my readers can come up with ideas I haven’t even imagined. Just think of the possibilities when you can stick your marketing message to the front of a catalog, or a merchandise bag, or a product sample in an attention-getting way.

I’m planning to get some of these made before CHA-Summer. Here’s another marketing use for them: Remember to tell me you saw my post about Post-Its and if I have any left, I’ll send you home with a Scrapbook Update souvenir!