Archive | June 17, 2009

CHA Reinforces Value of Trade Shows

A month ago, Scrapbook Update linked readers to a Wall Street Journal article on the value of trade shows even in a down economy titled “Exhibitions Game“. Now CHA has issued a press release emphasizing the importance of the Tradeshow Week report called “The Value of Exhibiting in a Downturn” that the article is based on, and pulling out its key points for readers.

According to CHA’s statement:

Based on several exhibitor surveys, Tradeshow Week found that investing in and exhibiting at trade shows consistently drives future sales.  Exhibitors surveyed say that 40 percent of their sales from shows happen more than a year following the event, and 60 percent close more than seven months after the event.  The report finds that not exhibiting at trade shows, particularly in recessionary periods, could weaken sales and negatively impact a company’s recovery period from the current economic recession.

The Tradeshow Week report also cited the cost-effectiveness of trade show exhibiting, the value of keeping up relationships, and the necessity of maintaining the company’s image as a healthy business as additional reasons that trade show exhibiting is important.

Tradeshow Week’s report also stressed that it isn’t necessarily the volume of show attendees that is important for a company’s business at an event. While show attendance is down almost universally, it is the quality of a show’s attendees that is most important. Many exhibitors told Tradeshow Week that they’ve seen company decision-makers are still traveling to attend shows and stay connected to happenings in their industries.

“In a recessionary summer, there isn’t a better venue to conduct business than at the CHA 2009 Summer Convention & Trade Show,” explained Steve Berger, CEO of CHA.  “Where else can you have so many qualified buyers and sellers coming together to conduct business than at the CHA Show?  To me, the Summer Show is a prime opportunity to get in front of key craft and hobby buyers who are looking to buy and to get the best bargains they can during these difficult times.”