Archive | June 3, 2009

ICE and Scrapbook Business to host Vegas Trade Event

Scrapbook Business magazine and the Independent Creative Entrepreneurs announced last week the creation of a new conference for scrapbook retailers to be held in Las Vegas from October 7th – 9th, 2009, titled “Creative Retailing ’09”.

[Disclaimer: The author of this piece is a regular contributor to Scrapbook Business magazine but has no connection to the Creative Retailing ’09 event.]

The Creative Retailing event is designed to focus on education for scrapbook industry retailers. The format is structured in a way that may be more familiar to members of industries like technology than scrapbooking, utilizing techniques such as breakout sessions and speed presentations. Of the events I’ve recently attended, the education-intensive format sounds more similar to an event like Photoshop World (or for the scrapbook industry, CKU) than a scrapbook industry trade show.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of a speed presentation, here’s a description from the Creative Retailing prospectus of how they plan to utilize the technique:

In this session, 20 different suppliers will deliver 3-minute humorous-but-educational sketches on why their products will make scrapbook retailers money. Attendees are invited to laugh at or “boo” their attempts at humor, but listen for new opportunities. Organizers promise that at least half of the presentations require no investment on the part of the retailer to make a profit.

The vendor floor will only be open for one day (plus an evening preview) of the two-and-a-half day event.

“CR’09 gives industry suppliers the opportunity to be teachers rather than sales people,” according to Kevin Nelson, Executive Editor of Scrapbook Business magazine. “Their involvement in the educational part of the event is clearly structured to teach, not sell.  We have the trade show for the selling part – but, it, too, will turn out to be more of an educational event because of the context of the event.”

At a typical scrapbook industry trade show, the priorities of attendees are usually less about education and more about the buying on the sales floor. Educational sessions are “squeezed in” when there is an opportunity, if at all, because attendees usually have to make a direct choice between time on the sales floor or an educational session. Creative Retailing 09 will not force retailers to make a choice between needed education and time on the buying floor since the highlight is on the educational components of the event and the two options are not offered in conflict with each other.

Roger McManus, co-founder of ICE and a regular contributor to Scrapbook Business magazine, will be presenting an opening session on the first day (essentially a keynote). Other speakers are still being confirmed, so no names are being announced.

The event is being hosted at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Registration for the event costs $225/person. Room rates are available from $89/night (plus 12% tax) by calling the hotel directly at 877-603-4389 and requesting the group rate for CR’09.