Wednesday News Briefs: Scrapbooks Etc & Scrapbook Trends

Today’s news briefs are both magazine-related, as a lot of scrapbooking news seems to be lately:

No Replacement for Melissa Inman at Scrapbooks Etc

Last week Melissa Inman announced that she was moving from her position at the top of Meredith Corp’s industry-leading publication Scrapbooks Etc. to a position heading up editorial content for the company at This of course raised the question of who would succeed her in the high-profile editorial position at Scrapbooks Etc, a very important position in the scrapbook industry and potentially the most sought-after position in the struggling world of scrapbook editorial.

According to a statement issued to Scrapbook Update by a representative of Scrapbooks Etc. and Meredith Corp., the company is reorganizing their Crafts Group publications. Melissa Inman will not be replaced as the Executive Editor of Scrapbooks Etc. Instead, Michelle Rubin (who held the title of Editor under Inman) will report directly to an Executive Editor who is responsible now for the entire Meredith Crafts Group, Jennifer Keltner.

Keltner provided a vote of confidence in Rubin’s taking on of her new responsibilities:

“As editor of Scrapbooks etc. for the past four years, Michelle has shown remarkable passion for scrapbooking, developed an outstanding reputation in the industry, and demonstrated a keen eye for delivering content that is both inspirational and attainable. I look forward to working with Michelle to grow the business and am excited to watch her expand the scope of her responsibilities to achieve even greater success across multiple platforms.”

For her part, Rubin hints that the changes at Scrapbooks Etc. aren’t finished yet. She says that, while her title and the staff working for her remain the same, “an exciting refresh of the magazine’s look—to deliver more of what scrapbookers want—is under way.”

Scrapbook Trends Offering Digital Issues

One of the biggest complaints about Scrapbook Trends is the cost of $14.95/issue. Northridge Media has just introduced a new way for readers to still enjoy Scrapbook Trends and the other beautiful Northridge publications (Cards, Simply Handmade, Bead Trends and their idea books) at a lower price by subscribing to digital versions for as little as $4.99/issue. There is also an option to subscribe to all of the Northridge publications and idea books for a $9.99/month subscription price.

Northridge is marketing the digital edition as environmentally friendly, and pointing out that it is printer-friendly for subscribers who like to archive their favorite ideas for later use. The issues also feature clickable navigation – readers can go directly to an article from the table of contents, or to an advertiser’s website from an ad. It also features a keyword search that includes supply lists for finding all projects created with certain products, etc.

Scrapbook magazine subscribers have always been notoriously resistant to the concept of digital publications in the past. But the significant price discount on a magazine that they already enjoy but can’t afford on a regular basis may be enough to overcome the built-in resistance to the digital format for some people.

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