Archive | March 24, 2009

Another Color Palette Generating Tool To Try

A few months back I wrote about Big Huge Labs’ Palette Generator tool that will help you generate a color palette from a photo. Now here’s another, similar, tool that has a feature that lets you create your own custom palette from options that it creates. And best of all – it’s free!

CSS Drive’s Color Palette Generator allows you to upload a photo less than 1MB in size, and then creates 3 palettes from the photo: light, medium, and dark options. Mousing over the color options in the palettes reveals their color numbers for use in CSS design and other applications like Photoshop.
But Color Palette Generator also offers a second step in the palette creation process. Below the palettes it generates, it displays what it calls the “complete color palette” of all available colors it pulled from the image. You can then click on them to view their color code number and add them to your own custom selected palette of 8 colors.
Below is an example of the palettes that Color Palette Generator created for an image I gave it, and the very different palette I created from the options that it gave me.