What A Brilliant Store Newsletter Looks Like

I got a store e-newsletter this week that grabbed my attention like one hasn’t for a long time (and I get a lot of them, so it takes quite a bit to stand out from the crowd in my inbox). Let’s take a minute to look at what it was and why it was so effective at standing out from the crowd.

The newsletter was from, and it was promoting their new die cut department that they have set up on the site. But instead of just sending out an announcement of the new department with a link, they went a big step further in their newsletter.  They sent out a chart comparing all of the different die cut machines they offer, that included prices and links to videos, customer reviews & forums, and articles on those machines. They sent their customers a product research tool.

[Note: The link above no longer goes to the newsletter with the chart since a new weeks newsletter has now been posted. So I'm posting a screen capture below of the key part of the newsletter to provide a general idea of what it contained.]


So what’s the big deal? The latest shopping research shows that the internet generation of consumers are increasingly looking for more information before they buy a product. This new generation of consumers especially values the opinions of other consumers, via the reviews of other shoppers on shopping sites and in forums.

Shopping sites that provide customer reviews and other similar tools have a major advantage in the battle for consumer dollars. is generally considered the ultimate example of this new way to market – their extensive consumer product review system is the gold standard emulated by many other retailers. But the typical retailer (even Amazon, usually) leaves the reviews sitting on the product’s sales page and waits for consumers to come looking on that page for them.’s recent newsletter took that concept to a whole different level by delivering the products – and the links to their reviews – right into my email inbox.

If you are a retailer, what can you take from’s newsletter this week? You may not have a review system set up or the capability to implement one. But you can take their example as a challenge to see what you can do to provide shopping research tools to your customers. That may mean posting a chart near your adhesive display about what adhesive is good for what different applications…or what about taking the extra step of including that chart in your next newsletter? Be creative. You might be surprised at the results.

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