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[Jobs] Part-time Instructor – College for Kids – Haverhill, MA

The following scrapbook-related job is currently listed on

Part-time Instructor – College For Kids – Northern Essex Community College: A summer program for 9-14 year olds at Northern Essex Community College in Haverhill, MA is looking for part-time instructors for several topics, including scrapbooking.

The program takes place Mon-Fri, 9am-4pm, from July 6th to July 31st. Classes are scheduled in 2 hour blocks for one week. Some courses will have more than one section offered.

Pay is $35/hour per 10 hour class. Applicants must have prior teaching experience in the subject.


Michaels Stores On Bond Market “Death Watch” List

According to an article today on business news site MarketWatch (which was reprinted elsewhere, including the Wall Street Journal), the bond market is holding the equivalent of a death watch over Michaels Stores and several other companies.

MarketWatch reports that bonds issued by Michaels are trading for only $.24 for every $1 of their mature value. The article says that when bonds are being traded at this much of a discount off their face value, it means that the market is anticipating that the company is quite possibly going to be in default on the bonds soon, a situation that usually leads to bankruptcy court.

Bondholders typically recover an average of $.45 per $1 of face value in bankruptcy court, according to MarketWatch’s experts. Low prices mean that the market is trying to build in a profit cushion in event of a bankruptcy filing by the bond issuing company.


Wednesday Last Day For CK Media Settlement Acceptance

Just a reminder…Wednesday, March 11th, at 5pm is the deadline to submit signed letters to CRG Partners if you are owed money from CK Media and intend to accept the settlement they are offering their past due creditors. This deadline appears to apply to all creditors, not just those who have received letters from CRG already.

If you have an overdue payment owed to you from CK Media and have not received a letter, you need to contact CRG Partners at 801-816-8420 to get your paperwork faxed/emailed to you and return it signed before the deadline if you want to take part in a settlement.

Update: If you are having a problem getting an answer from CRG, apparently Jill Colette at CK Media has been very helpful in assisting people with getting their settlement paperwork completed. She can be reached via email at:


[Jobs] Creative Art Director – Die Cuts With A View

The following scrapbook-related position is currently posted on

(Note: This is quite likely the same position that was posted about on Scrapbook Update yesterday, but this listing identifies the company that is hiring and gives direct contact info for applicants.)

Creative Art Director – Die Cuts With A View – Provo, UT:

The scrapbooking supply company is looking for a full-time Creative Art Director to “create new products and designs”. Position requires managing products through their entire lifecycle, and working with vendors, Sales, and Design teams. Requires being familiar with and creating trends.

Qualified applicants should have at least a 2 year degree and 4-5 years experience. Position includes health/dental Insurance, life insurance, and paid vacation.

[This listing does not include compensation guidelines, but it is almost identically worded to the listing from posted yesterday on Scrapbook Update, which lists salary of $70-80k+ based on experience.]