[CHA] Who wants to go to Disneyworld?


Want to sneak over to the Magic Kingdom or Epcot while you are in Orlando for CHA-Summer, but don’t know the best way to see as much as possible in the few hours you’ll have to do it? I’m a Disney passholder who’s been to the parks over 50 times. (I  got married there, too – that’s a serious level of Disney geek!). I’m considering hosting a CHA meet-up to tour Magic Kingdom or Epcot, either for an evening of a show day or on Monday the 27th.

You certainly can’t see all of a park in a short visit, but an experienced guide who knows where all the best places to eat are, the best ways to avoid lines, and where the best scrapbook photo spots are can help you pack more into a short visit. Through surveying the people who signed up ahead of time to see what their priorities are for their visit, and planning for that, we can hopefully make sure everyone gets to see as much of what they want as possible.

I was inspired to offer myself as a guide for a park meet-up at CHA-Summer after feeling surprisingly lost trying to squeeze seeing the relatively small Disneyland into a few short hours at CHA-Winter in Anaheim in January. Despite Disneyland’s similarity to the Florida parks I’m used to visiting, I still missed a lot and wasted a lot of time by getting lost and having to look for things, etc.

Tickets & Transportation? Worried about the cost or how to get there? CHA’s website offers discounted Disney tickets– advance purchase online only – that are good after 2pm only for $58 (full day tickets usually cost $79.88). Don’t have a car? Some of the convention hotels offer free shuttles to the parks. From the others, cabs would be very affordable, especially if shared, or carpooling with people who have cars could be an option.

How to sign up: So, if you are interested in doing the Disney park sprint at Magic Kingdom or Epcot with me and some other CHA-ers, send an email to with your preferred date and park, and we’ll see if there’s enough interest in a meet-up!

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