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Creating Keepsakes Makes Contests’ 2009 “Hiatus” Official

Speculation about the future of Creating Keepsakes’ Hall of Fame contest has been widespread since the company failed to announce the rules for 2009 at its usual time. Creating Keepsakes has now confirmed via its blog that the company will not be holding either their “Hall of Fame” or “Scrapbooker of the Year” contests this year.

Creating Keepsakes is calling this cancellation of the contests for 2009 a “hiatus”, and says that the status of the contests will be evaluated again in 2010. The company blames the recession for the lack of contests in 2009, calling the decision “a business decision that was made based on the current economic conditions.” As reported on Scrapbook Update last week, Creating Keepsakes is under great economic stress currently, with its lenders having called in a turnaround/bankruptcy consulting firm to negotiate with its many creditors.

The economy may not be the only reason for the lack of contest in 2009. Recent contests have sparked often negative discussion about the company centered on judging and other topics in connection with them. In particular, the 2007 Hall of Fame contest was marred by controversy over the enforcement of rules requiring that entrants have taken all their own photos. One winner was disqualified and another withdrew her entry over questions of whether they had taken all their own photos. The contest – and the scrapbooking community – received a major black eye when the disgruntled disqualified winner managed to get a heavily one-sided version of her story published in several mainstream news outlets, including the New York Times.

It’s apparently not lost on the magazine that their contests need a makeover if they are to be revived in 2010. The announcement on the Creating Keepsakes blog includes a request for feedback and ideas for implementing the contests in the future. If you have help to offer them on the topic, you can contact them at and put “contests” in the subject line.

To replace the content that is normally in the October issue of the magazine from the Hall of Fame contest (and probably to soften the blow to people hopeful of getting a big break through the contests), Creating Keepsakes has issued a page call it is calling “Amazing Pages“. The deadline for submitting is May 10th.

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