Sassafrass Launches Word-of-Blog Marketing Campaign

hedgehog_blinkieSassafrass Lass – already named one of my favorite companies from CHA-Winter for their beautiful products – is now getting my attention for another reason: their brilliant new marketing campaign.

The company has started a program on their blog that provides Sassafrass blinkie designs to scrapbook bloggers and awards a prize weekly of Sassafrass products to one random blogger that is displaying one.

The blinkies are very cute and the program encourages the most powerful marketing that Sassafrass could possibly have: word-of-mouth.

The company itself describes the genius of the program perfectly in their blog post announcing the campaign:

We at Sassafras believe that marketing should be simple. Put fresh original designs on top quality products and people will naturally spread the word.

The cost to the company is minimal – just the labor to create the blinkies, the bandwidth to distribute them, and a couple of prize packs every month. But in return they are providing a tool that turns their most avid customers into “brand evangelists” on their blogs. The value of that cannot overestimated, as more and more research is showing that shoppers are looking online for input before making a purchase, and that they value the product opinions of people they know.

Props to Sassafrass Lass for embracing the evolution of word-of-mouth in the Web 2.0 era…they are a great example for other companies looking for modern and affordable marketing.

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