Archive | February 23, 2009

What can scrapbook retailers learn from…Apple?

Fast Company’s well-known technology blogger Robert Scoble has written a wonderful article responding to the news that Microsoft is going to try to open retail stores. The article, entitled “What Microsoft Can Learn About Retail From Apple And Best Buy,” is a must-read for any retailer looking to learn from the king of the retail store experience – Apple.

Scoble effectively parses out in his piece exactly what it is that makes Apple so successful in creating their signature retail environment – lessons that can be transferred to any retail store.

I have to admit that I especially agree with his point about the bathrooms being part of the experience, especially for businesses like scrapbook retailers with mostly female clientele. Scoble also makes strong points here about focusing on lifestyle, not just products, and about educating customers.

If you are a tech geek that has ever visited an Apple store, you will find yourself nodding in agreement at Scoble’s analysis of what makes their stores so inviting. If you’ve never had the pleasure of visiting an Apple store, I highly suggest reading the article and then going to see for yourself exactly what the Apple store experience is all about. There is a lot to learn there for other retailers looking to create a premium experience of their own.