Paris Does CHA

So, Paris Hilton came to CHA this afternoon to the Wooky Entertainment booth to promote her new Paris Creativity collection of crafting products.


It was an absolute madhouse on the show floor in the New Exhibitor section where she was appearing for about an hour before her arrival. A rope line was set up for people to wait to get autographs and tons of people came by just to snap pictures. Non-CHA press were there as well.They actually threatened that the fire marshall would shut down the appearance at one point before she arrived when they were having problems keeping the aisle clear before they set up the rope line you see in the picture below.


Paris came and did her thing – talked about the product line (although in the mad house I couldn’t hear what was said) and then signed autographs for about 45 minutes. The woman has a complete sixth sense about where cameras are. It was freaky watching her respond to them.


I was told by a CHA official that the crowd was no bigger than they’ve had for other celebrities but that it just seemed bigger because it was in such a concentrated area on the show floor.

The crowd seemed mostly made up of exhibitors. I saw very few buyers, at least in the area of it that I was in. Wasn’t the point of this appearance to promote the product to buyers?

Oh, yeah, there was product, right, wasn’t there? I did manage to get this one shot, but it was all the closer I managed to get to it. Ironically I was able to get more and better shots of Paris than the product she was promoting. Hmmm.


The products are obviously aimed at a very young audience. I’ll be interested to see if I can find any buyers that are ordering them…they do seem like they would appeal to the targeted demographic from the quick glimpse that I got.

Paris does claim that she scrapbooks, and historically scrapbooking has been something that “genteel” women of a certain class did, to save mementos of their travels and romances. I’d love to see her scrapbooks…anyone know of a company who makes a “red velvet rope” embellishment or “VIP Room” themed stickers?

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